2020 Nucleus Research ERP Technology Value Matrix Report - SYSPRO US

2020 Nucleus Research ERP Technology Value Matrix Report

Download your complimentary copy of the Nucleus ERP Technology Value Matrix 2020 to see why SYSPRO retained its top #3 position and outranked many Tier-1 ERP solutions for usability and functionality.

“SYSPRO’s focus on providing specialized ERP functionalities for a set number of manufacturing and distribution verticals enables the vendor to provide ‘last mile functionality’ out of the box … This “ERP realism” allows the company to natively develop industry-specific capabilities from the ground up, thereby avoiding expensive software customizations and driving long term value for customers with complex requirements. This strategy has led to consistent wins over more recognizable ERP vendors as customers feel better equipped to incorporate Industry 4.0 technology, such as AI, IoT, and bots, to their existing operations and best practices.”

– Nucleus Research Value Matrix, July 2020