Prophix CPM for SYSPRO

Visibility into actionable insights is key to business success. Prophix financial management software delivers visibility into your company’s financial health, improving profitability, and minimizing risks. SYSPRO stands by Prophix software, and offers a powerful integration opportunity, so manufacturers and distributors can maximize collaboration across report publishing, data entry, and workflow processes.

Download this Prophix CPM for SYSPRO fact sheet, and learn how financial management software seamlessly integrated with your SYSPRO ERP system will empower your team with full-visibility to make better business decisions. Immediate benefits include:

  • Rapid implementation
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Choice of deployment, and more.
Prophix CPM for SYSPRO ERP solutions fact sheet

“Prophix software is built to integrate easily with a variety of databases, flat files, external data sources, or other formats including direct access to the SYSPRO ERP system.”

– Document Excerpt