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“Our company is in metal machining and fabrication. We work on large contracts for months or even years at a time many large corporations across the globe. One of the best features of SYSPRO that we love is the ease of tracking our “Work in Progress”. The reports give us the best view of our projected costs and accrues totals on material and labor in real time as entered. It really helps us to make well informed decisions on a daily basis related to monitoring efficiencies and controlling costs. Many of our clients also require frequent audits regarding our project costs and how the process is going. The WIP valuation report allows us to have a compact and organized professional looking view for our clients to see exactly where their money is going in order to match it up to the pricing that was quoted. This clarity helps us maintain our relationships with our clients as being a vendor they can trust to deliver both quality in our products as value and transparency in our pricing.”


“Easy to use, easy for each user to customize to their preferences. Moving fields, changing formats, even adding custom fields if needed. All the modules we use are very strong, great functionality, as feature rich as more expensive bigger ERPs that I’ve used at other companies. Many modules available, and we don’t have to get what we don’t need, and we can add modules later as our business process evolves and changes. For example this past year we decided to add the EDI module, which has been a big time saver to our customer service team in automatically populating new orders from EDI, or transmitting invoices straight out of SYSPRO. The semi-annual users conference is great and I always learn new things that I didn’t know SYSPRO could do for us, and am always very impressed to hear of the new things they are working on to stay ahead of technology.”


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