Finance Exec’s Guide for Optimizing Your Toolkit

Join us November 4 at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET for our panel webinar featuring thought leaders from SYSPRO, BT Partners, Nomad, and Avalara.

We brought a panel of experts in the manufacturing space to talk about how finance execs can optimize their toolkit by sharing industry insights, hone in on tips and tricks for utilizing your SYSPRO platform to its full potential, automation tools to enhance performance, and what the future holds for manufacturers as we look to 2022.

Listen as a panel of manufacturing experts discuss how finance executives can optimize their toolkit for 2022. They’ll also share:

  • Industry insights
  • Tips and tricks for utilizing your SYSPRO ERP platform to its full potential
  • Recommendations on automation tools to enhance performance
  • What the future holds for manufacturers in 2022

Webinar presenter

  • Sanjay Ejantkar
    Vice President of Alliances,

  • Todd Perlman
    President, BT Partners

  • Torre Tribout
    President, Nomad eCommerce

  • Ben Mills
    Sales Executive, Avalara, Inc.