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Cannabis Software

Whether you grow, process, or distribute, Cannabis Software from SYSPRO provides a 360-degree view of your most important data in real-time.

Seed to Sale Software to Manage the Complexity of Your Unique Business Needs

  • Streamline compliance with global regulations
  • Improve QA with recipe control and full traceability
  • Boost inventory turnover and materials management
  • Gain 360-degree visibility across your operations for smarter decision-making
  • Enable strategic financial management
  • Configure security measures to be as simple or as finely tuned as your operating environment requires

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ERP Software for the Cannabis Industry

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Grow with SYSPRO
The Cannabis Industry has become the fastest growing trade in the US. As each state passes legislation supporting the cultivation and consumerization of recreational and medicinal marijuana, Cannabis Manufacturers and Distributors will need seed to sale software that can manage the complexity of your unique business.

Based on 40 years of industry experience, SYSPRO’s trusted enterprise software solution delivers industry-specific functionality for Cannabis Manufacturers and Distributors with the means to adapt to your particular business requirements, and scale to meet the needs of your growing enterprise. SYSPRO offers flexible software based on high-performing technology that is easy to implement and integrate new functionality. Simply put, the SYSPRO system is built to always meet your growing business’ needs.

Cannabis Processing
Whether you specialize in dried product, extracts, infusions, elixirs, edibles, topicals, or packaging materials, cannabis software from SYSPRO streamlines your seed to sale tracking processes with visibility of everything happening across both demand and supply chains.  Deploy SYSPRO your way, with full mobility, and access to critical information in real-time to make the best decisions. Seed to sale tracking software from SYSPRO is also highly configurable, which means you get the system you need to succeed, whatever your cannabis product specialty.

Best-in-Class Cannabis Growing Software

Ignite your competitive advantage with SYSPRO

If you are serious about your growing cannabis business, sales management is critical to your operation. Ignite your competitive advantage with the robust CRM for SYSPRO. CRM for SYSPRO is tailor-made to help cannabis manufacturers and distributors like you maximize revenue and make remarkable gains in productivity. Work when and where you want with a CRM that moves with you– while finding complete success by integrating the front office and the back office.

Financial Management
Your cannabis business is booming. It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets and leave no room for error. Easily manage costs, inventory, orders, vendor relationships, and more with SYSPRO’s cannabis accounting software solutions.

ERP Data Security
ERP security is important to your flourishing cannabusiness. Protect your data from theft or loss with SYSPRO’s extensive security features, such as audit trails and fine-grained access controls. Our security measures can be configured to be as simple or as finely tuned as your operating environment requires.

Minimize risk by streamlining and enforcing compliance with key requirements, from legal regulatory reporting to product recall management to contract terms. Regulatory compliance and ERP software are all about financial control, accountability and minimizing risk. But they are also about driving efficiency. The cost of reporting to meet regulatory compliance demands can be sky high, especially in the new frontier of the Cannabis Industry. By integrating the two, you can truly optimize your use of processes, people, and technology.


Take your cannabis manufacturing or distribution organization to the next level of growth with a strong, integrated technology foundation, from a vendor trusted by thousands of companies in complex industries like yours.

Grow with SYSPRO.

SYSPRO is a proud member of the National Cannabis Industry Association

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