bMobile Route Software

Business Need
Route Optimization

Company Description
bMobile Route is a mobile distribution solution that enables businesses to manage sales and delivery operations.

bMobile Route

bMobile Route is a mobile distribution solution that enables businesses to manage sales and delivery operations. It helps users create invoices, credits, and receive payments via cash, cheque, or credit card and permits them to maintain customer records in a centralized location. bMobile Route allows businesses to track processes for inventories, shipments, and sales orders through regular audits.

Customers can utilize the eCommerce portal to quickly place orders and process payment transactions, facilitating fulfillment processes. Additionally, businesses can track and manage fleets and field service agents across locations using various navigation tools.

bMobile Route integrates with Syspro using the E.Web connection toolset. Customers, Inventory, Pricing, Sales Orders, Invoices, Credits, and Payments information is shared bidirectionally.

  • Food & Grocery Products
  • Bread & Bakery Goods
  • Beer & Wine
  • Soft Drinks, Sports Drinks, & Energy Drinks
  • Bottled Water & Bulk Ice
  • Frozen Foods & Ice Cream Products
  • Deli & Dairy Products
  • Propane & LP Gas
  • Prepaid Phone Cards


Company Key Points

  • Located in Boise, Idaho
  • Specializes in Mobile Route Distribution Software
  • Add control to inventory, invoicing, and monies taken in field en route
  • All product design, development, and customer support is maintained in-house
  • Over 20 years’ experience


Solution and Benefits

Leveraging the latest in mobile computing technology, bMobile provides affordable and easy to use solutions that reduce operating expenses and increase sales opportunities for your Direct Store Delivery and route sales field staff.

Wholesale and Retail Distributors with 2 trucks or 200 will equally benefit with the cost-effective systems and consulting from bMobile Route Software, which includes functionality for management, back office, warehouse, and route delivery personnel. Nearly every department of your DSD route sales and delivery business will see benefits from bMobile Route Software solutions.

  • Streamline tasks for route personnel
  • Simplify procedures in the warehouse
  • Reduce workloads in the office
  • Cut operating costs
  • Increase profits



  • Syspro Integration using E.Web
  • E-Commerce
  • Route/Fleet Optimization
  • Route Load Calculation
  • Track Truck Inventory
  • Mobile Invoicing w/ signature capture
  • Route Settlements
  • Untethered access to data and processing of transactions