Business Need
Document Capture, Document Indexing

Company Description
The SYSPRO-Integrated Document Management solution.


Dash DDX™ document management software provides an easy-to-use “paperless” platform specifically for manufacturers and distributors.

Pre-integrated with the SYSPRO ERP system, Dash DDX makes it simple for users to archive and file documents from many sources; and to quickly find, retrieve and share content by email, cloud, or fax.


Company Key Points

  • A SYSPRO partner for over a decade, serving users across North America
  • Dash is a Wisconsin-based software developer focused on the needs of manufacturing and distribution companies
  • Specializes in ERP-integrated programs for managing and sharing documents
  • Known for accessible, responsive product development, technical support, training, and software customization


Solutions and Benefits

  • Delivers a simple, highly secure way to access and share most types of documents and content
  • Provides anytime, anywhere access to critical information—at blazing speed
  • Securely protects content and controls who can access, amend, view and share
  • Significantly reduces the cost, storage requirements and environmental impact when compared to paper documents
  • Offers flexible workflow with the ability to configure views by job responsibility, department or process needs
  • Built-in Revision Control for any file or document
  • Connects information from manufacturing floor to customer door, serving multiple locations, facilities, and divisions in a single system
  • Streamlines collaboration and communication with customers, vendors, and auditors
  • Grows with your business, offering scalable modules and unlimited user customization



Dash DDX document management software is available as individual modules or in pre-bundled suites depending on controls and customization required. Features include document capture and archiving; file storage and compression; quick tag keyword and quick link; form recognition; controlled document views; revision control; electronic routing and distribution; automated delivery; role-based: custom portals for customers and vendors, and robust admin and security features.