Nomad eCommerce

Business Need
B2B or B2C eCommerce, Payments, Customer Portal for Self-Service

Company Description
Nomad delivers an integrated suite of cloud-based eCommerce solutions that digitally transform how manufacturers and distributors, using SYSPRO, interact with their customers.

Nomad eCommerce

Nomad designs solutions that transform order-to-cash efficiency by connecting manufacturers and distributors using SYSPRO with their customers, through the cloud. Nomad eCommerce is a complete solution that manages your website by providing product cataloging, online ordering, billing, and payments, seamlessly connected to SYSPRO. Its solutions digitally transform how SYSPRO users collaborate with their customers.

Company Key Points

  • Based in O’Fallon, IL
  • Nomad eCommerce was released in 2014
  • Over 200 Customers on our eCommerce Platform
  • Approved eCommerce provider for SYSPRO
  • Committed to supporting the SYSPRO platform since v6


Solutions and Benefits

  • Nomad Sites – From custom site design and hosting to ERP integration and ongoing support, Nomad Sites delivers a true all-encompassing solution for manufacturers and distributors looking to create their Digital Shelf.
    • Creates a “Digital Shelf” for SYSPRO customers to showcase and sell their products
    • Cost-effective entry into new sales markets
    • Ability to leverage key data in SYSPRO; items, customers, pricing, etc.
    • Reduced manual effort in the Order-to-Cash process
  • Nomad Receivables – Nomad Receivables provides an Account Portal for B2B customers to monitor and manage their activity. Customers will be presented with an account data snapshot including accounts receivable aging, recent payments, and a list of all orders, order statuses, invoices, and tracking information. Payment options will also be available.
    • Improved customer service and satisfaction
    • Lower days sales outstanding (DSO)
    • Increased cash flow for SYSPRO customer
  • Nomad Payments – Nomad Payments allows customers to make payments across multiple channels, via ACH/eCheck or Credit Card. Payments can be made on web orders in Nomad Sites or individual invoices within Nomad Receivables and have those payments reflected within your ERP.
    • Zero-Touch Payments
    • Offers customers multiple payment options
    • Receive payments faster



  • Seamless integration with SYSPRO
  • Custom design sites that leverage and enhance a company’s brand
  • Complex customer pricing and discounts supported on Nomad Sites
  • Multi-product display
  • 3rd party integration partnerships (such as sales tax and live shipping rates)
  • Catalog management
  • Customer Portal provides self-service options for account management
  • ACH/eCheck/credit card payments accepted across multiple channels with Nomad Payments
  • Brand exposure with SEO marketing
  • Custom reporting/documentation