PayAssist, Inc.

Business Need
Credit Card Processing, ACH, AR Invoice payments

Company Description
PayAssist, Inc. provides payment processing services to merchants throughout the United States. The company offers integrated transaction processing support for all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club; as well as processing for debit cards, gift cards, ACH transactions, EBT (government financial support programs), and check verification services.

Payment Solutions for SYSPRO

Payment Solutions for SYSPRO is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Embedding payment processing activities into your business financial system can provide complete transaction visibility, improve your accounting workflow, and greatly reduce double data entry and the risk of human error.


Company Key Points

  • Proud SYSPRO partner since 2002
  • Provides payment processing services to merchants throughout the United States
  • Offers integrated transaction processing support for all major credit, debit cards, gift cards, ACH transactions, EBT, and check verification services
  • Serves mid-to-large sized merchants, offering a broad range of transaction processing solutions differentiated by proprietary technology, enabling a wide array of end to end processing services and superior customer support
  • Delivers tservices across multiple points of access, or multi-channel, including brick and mortar locations, software integration, ecommerce and table-based solutions


Solutions and Benefits

Payment Solutions for SYSPRO offers real-time credit card processing for the sales order entry and invoicing functions within SYSPRO. This solution helps SYSPRO customers improve cash flow and reduce debts by conveniently collecting deposits for Sales Orders and payments for open invoices via credit cards. This new feature works seamlessly with internet sales, sales order processing, as well as the SYSPRO Counter Sales and Point of Sale offerings. Payment Solutions for SYSPRO preauthorizes a customer’s purchases against a credit card during the order entry process and bills the credit card at the time of invoicing, including one-time payments or scheduled installments against an account.



  • Fully-tokenized data and encrypted transmissions to provide security
  • Electronic Check Processing (ACH) reducing processing charges
  • Interchange Savings with Level II/III processing capabilities
  • EMV-certified terminals and pin pads for card-present transactions
  • Account Updater helps automate process to keep credit card information current
  • Transparent Interchange-plus Pricing
  • Next-day availability of funds on all card types