CPX, powered by Priority

Business Need
AP solution, payment automation, ACH

Company Description
Priority is a payments powerhouse driving the convergence of payments and banking. The company has built a single platform to collect, store, and send money that operates at scale.

CPX, powered by Priority

CPX represents the next-generation digital Accounts Payable (AP) automation solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes and types. Without replacing your accounting software or changing banks, CPX integrates within the SYSPRO platform and processes all forms of AP payments to your suppliers from a single payment instruction file, while generating cash-back rebates to your bottom line.

Company Key Points

  • Approved AP Solution/Electronic Payments provider for SYSPRO
  • Integrates with SYSPRO v6 and up
  • Publicly held company (NASDAQ: PRTH)
  • Industry leader in B2B payment automation
  • Purpose-built to automate and integrate every payment method
  • Send one payment file to make card, ACH and check payments
  • The Priority team completely handles the supplier campaign

Solutions and Benefits

  • Priority offers several ways to monetize payments through a number of different payment modalities.
    • Virtual card
    • ACH
    • Check
  • End to end automation
    • Pay all your vendors and view payment status without leaving the SYSPRO environment.
  • Cost savings
    • Priority can reduce the cost of invoice management. Users will benefit from seeing hard check costs reduced to $1.25 and ACH transactions to $0.15 while moving 30-50% of transactions to a virtual form of payment.
  • Customized reporting
    • Reporting and tracking tools are available in your dashboard to help you control your finances.
  • Dedicated account management
    • Priority works with your team to optimize your payment process.


  • Seamless integration with SYSPRO
  • Dramatic cost reduction by automating the payment process
  • More value to suppliers to predictable payment schedules and rich remittance data
  • Insights and analytics enabling cash flow optimization
  • Improve profit margins and maximize and optimize working capital
  • Turnkey supplier enrollment process – our experienced, in-house sales team drives supplier adoption and revenue