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Prophix Software

Prophix Software

Prophix is a Corporate Performance Management solution that automates FP&A processes related to reporting & analytics, budgeting & planning, and consolidation of data in a collaborative platform.

With Prophix, SYSPRO customers have access to our CPM (Corporate Performance Management) software to help them make better business decisions. By integrating budgeting and planning data into their SYSPRO ERP, users can transform their data into insight for strategic decision-making.

Solution Benefits

  • Automate data consolidation from multiple plants, divisions, cost centers and countries
  • Plan based on real-time profitability analysis by vendor, product line or location
  • Control data with enhanced workflows and permissions creating a single version of the truth
  • Track daily/weekly/monthly production levels allowing for rolling forecasts
  • Improve collaboration with integrated financial data from a single source of truth that assigns tasks, facilitates approvals, and provides comment details through a powerful workflow


Prophix develops innovative software that automates critical financial processes such as budgeting, planning, consolidation, and reporting—improving a company’s profitability and minimizing their risks. Prophix provides the right balance of simplicity and depth, delivering CPM software that is easy, powerful, and collaborative.

Business Need

Corporate Performance Management, Budgeting, Board Books


  • Headquartered in Toronto, CA with offices in Portland (OR), Reading (UK), Copenhagen, Frankfurt, and Sao Paolo
  • Web-based application with an intuitive interface
  • Seamless integration with SYSPRO, as well as HR, Payroll, CRM and a variety of external data sources, gives customers a unified, collaborative solution