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QBuild Software

QBuild Software

CADLink is the leading CAD-ERP solution worldwide. Integrate any CAD, PDM, PLM or any storage of Engineering BOM data with SYSPRO, saving valuable time and reducing data entry mistakes. Have CADLink compare your Engineering BOM and SYSPRO BOM to pinpoint discrepancies, and synchronize BOMs through automatically creating Stock Codes, Structures and Estimates.

Solution Benefits

  • Eliminates manual comparisons between CAD BOM and SYSPRO Structure – no more eyeballing for differences!
  • Reduces BOM data entry time by automatically creating Stock Codes, Structures, and Estimates using CAD data
  • Minimizes unnecessary costs from late shipments, wrong build situations or wrong part orders due to data entry errors


  • Comparison between CAD and SYSPRO data, with full result feedback
  • Automated BOM data transfer to create Stock Codes, Structures, and Estimates
  • Comprehensive Routing interface
  • Custom logic to tailor CADLink functionality, defaulting logic
  • File attachment feature to get drawings and models into SYSPRO

Business Need

Corporate Performance Management, Budgeting, Board Books


  • QBuild created CADLink in 2003 integrating AutoCAD with a simple BOM database
  • 3 locations supporting timezones worldwide: Toronto, Munich, and Sri Lanka
  • Over 1,000 customers implemented!
  • Chosen CAD integration partner by leading manufacturing ERPs