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Social ERP in SYSPRO – SYSPRO Harmony

SYSPRO Harmony is a 21st century, user-friendly social media-type platform. It is embedded into SYSPRO ERP and designed to streamline business processes and improve communication channels, to create a productive and satisfying working environment. It encourages users to engage with SYSPRO through a contemporary interface that’s easy to use, familiar and personalized – one that fosters a new and more collaborative way of working.

With Harmony (social erp), accounts can collaborate with purchasing; logistics with supply chain; manufacturing with product design; finance with PR; sales with marketing; head office with branches; anytime, anywhere in the world. In fact, with Harmony, there are no boundaries to collaboration. New ideas can be generated, new best practises devised and greater results achieved. The proof of which is demonstrated in the following graphs:

Social ERP – a New Paradigm in Social Collaboration

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, it’s never been more important for companies to have improved visibility into operations, the ability to do more with less, and most importantly, to be able to effectively communicate and collaborate across their entire organization.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has long been the foundation for providing these capabilities. But until recently, conventional ERP was not able to offer the functionality that could support real-time conversations that allowed users to capitalize, act on and share important information, let alone in real time.

Tech-savvy millennials are entering the work force in increasing numbers, a trend that’s affecting the entire workforce. Their familiarity with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is driving the necessity for contemporary social media-type interaction in the workplace.

This workforce expects – in fact, demands – their business platform to be as seamless and user friendly as the social platforms they are familiar with. This has spurred on smarter ERP vendors to offer “social business” functionality. Not only does it mimic the way employees interact with technology in their personal lives, it empowers them to use and share information, in the moment, that would have been difficult and cumbersome to access or even lost when using older ERP systems.

SYSPRO’s Harmony enterprise social tools help round out the user experience. Harmony brings all the common social media interactions into the ERP system. A user is able to “follow” objects in the system, such as an important order or manufacturing job, and collaborate on the progress. With this release, SYSPRO has taken the social interactions one step further by using machine learning, cognitive service, and analytics to track trending objects in the system that can surface important business insights.


The Benefits of SYSPRO Harmony Social ERP

Harmony answers the needs of the modern workforce by incorporating a familiar and personalized social media-type interface on which to:

Harmony allows posting and collaboration within your organization using real-time information from the SYSPRO database. Core ERP data surfaces as users compose their ‘Beats’ (Conversation Posts within the Harmony Portal).

While collaborating, users have full and secure access to the data in their SYSPRO databases. This enables them to query information directly in the chat, such as stock information, sales order status, customer information, etc. In addition, users can share pictures such as inventory items, reference conversations, and reply and ‘like’ messages that have been posted – thus elevating their importance or relevance. Sound familiar?

SYSPRO Harmony provides direct, 24/7 access to people and the information that’s relevant and critical to the roles and tasks at hand, giving users the ability to communicate instantly within their network of associates, wherever they are in the world, any time of day or night.

With a centralized, real-time view of operational, product and customer information, they are armed with the decision-making power they need to act and respond instantly.

Harmony provides the equivalent of a newsfeed or notifications by auto-populating conversations with relevant information, based on key ERP components that the user chooses to ‘follow.’

Instead of needing to go into the system to retrieve pertinent information, Harmony intelligently pushes it to you, alerting you of activities related to those components.

Data Sentiment enables a complete picture of customer opinion about your services or products for informed and strategic decision making. Visual cues (the equivalent of emoticons) alert users by attaching sentiment to specific items.

Key notes attached to these items reveal the tone in terms of the state of a particular event, customer or component etc. which pinpoints potential future issues regarding customer satisfaction before they arise.

How Harmony Works

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning mines the core ERP data so users don’t have to do the digging.

Data Mining Service

In order for Harmony to access everything in SYSPRO, we created a data mining service. This monitors the SYSPRO database and analyzes its transaction log, cleanses the data and stores it in a relational database ready to be processed by Harmony and the Rules Based Engine.

Rules Based Engine

This engine works together with the data mining service to allow users to perform actions such as specifying alerts on specific fields or values or transactions within the data base, without the need for SQL triggers.

If a user follows a particular item, a rule is automatically added to the engine and when it executes, a Beat is automatically posted to the Harmony database.

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