TIE Kinetix is a leading global B2B Integration and SaaS provider. Our solutions are based on 30+ years of experience and continuous development to ensure document exchange with your trading partners in the most efficient way.

EDI for SYSPRO Powered by TIE Kinetix

Utilizing this approach frees up your resources to do what they do best, sell and manage your product and services. EDI for SYSPRO utilizes Tie Kinetixs industry built platform to manage all messaging and transformations between SYSPRO and your EDI partners. Manage existing and new trading partners as you grow your business and know your transactions are safe, secure and accurate in Tie Kinetix’s robust platform.

EDI for SYSPRO powered by TIE Kinetix

Reduce Significant Costs and Accelerate Back Office Document Processing

EDI for SYSPRO Powered by TIE Kinetix makes exchanging documents electronically between SYSPRO and trading partners easy and hassle-free. When you need to capture, validate, distribute, and send electronic business documents with your partner community, we can help. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution’s powerful XML and database translation engines enable superior collaboration between business partners anytime and anywhere. These solutions will help to increase productivity, speed up processing, and reduce the significant costs associated with Business-to-Business Integration.


  • Exchange inbound and outbound documents in any format with your SYSPRO system and your partner community
  • Streamline procure-to-pay, order-to-cash, and all end-to-end business processing with trading partners to increase your velocity to market
  • Save time, save money, and save resources with EDI managed services


  • Add measurable value to your business and contribute to higher productivity
  • Reduce the significant costs associated with business-to-business integration
  • Eliminate errors by automating all manual data entry and validating all your transactions, data, and business rules
  • Complete cloud-based solution with service level agreement and global support services
  • The service will run fully integrated with your SYSPRO


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Customer Success Story

“We have so many transactions that without SYSPRO we could never complete and ship that many orders out the door. SYSPRO allows us to manage the back order process and everything else that goes into an order.”
– Kim Pedersen, CEO, 1000bulbs.com

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