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South Dakota v. Wayfair

In 2018, the state of South Dakota petitioned The U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a long-standing rule that a company must have “physical presence” inside of a state before the state has the legal authority to require it to collect and remit sales tax. South Dakota was successful in convincing the court to expand its authority to impose tax obligations on remote sellers via its economic nexus rule.

Economic nexus is a tax collection obligation imposed on companies that have a certain level of economic activity within a state. Unlike nexus that’s based on physical presence, economic nexus is based entirely on sales revenue, transaction volume, or a combination of both.

Like many sales tax laws, economic nexus criteria vary by state, but all aim to level the playing field between non-collecting out-of-state sellers and brick-and-mortar businesses.

What Does This Mean for Your Business Today?

  • Are you on the hook?
    In-state marketplace facilitators and out-of-state marketplace facilitators meeting the $500,000 economic nexus threshold must collect and remit tax on all sales made in California, including third-party sales. Failing to come into compliance will result in sales tax liability that will affect you and your customers.
  • Where do you have nexus?
    Find out where you should be registered with Avalara’s nexus assessment tool.
  • How do you manage the compliance process?
    Now is the time to speak with Avalara about all aspects of sales and use tax compliance to ensure a prosperous new year — without surprise audit penalty costs.

SYSPRO + Avalara: The Certified Tax Suite That Prepares You for 2020

Avalara helps businesses of all sizes to achieve sales and use tax compliance and simplify governmental compliance processes, including:

  • Sales and use taxes
  • VAT
  • Other taxes types
  • Tax determination
  • Exemption certificate management
  • Tax return preparation, filing, and remittance

Avalara’s comprehensive, cloud-based solutions work with your own accounting, SYSPRO ERP, eCommerce, and other business applications–making the integration of tax and compliance solutions easy for businesses like yours.


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Sales and Use Tax Calculation for SYSPRO

6 reasons you'll love (and save time) with Avalara AvaTax + SYSPRO ERP


Getting started is easy

Establish a direct link between AvaTax and SYSPRO with a prebuilt connection that allows for seamless interaction. In most instances, you won’t need IT support to get started.


Reliable tax calculations

SYSPRO and AvaTax work together to automatically to sync transaction data and tax totals. Customers, salespeople, and others can see the taxed owed in real time (for example, in your shopping cart).


Leave the updates to us

Stop wasting time worrying about and looking up sales tax rates. AvaTax is updated at regular intervals to reflect changing rates and rules in the 12,000+ U.S. sales and use tax jurisdictions.


Get a leg up on filing

AvaTax takes you from sales tax calculation to filing in just a few clicks. Simply pull your transaction data from AvaTax to prepare your returns each filing period. Or, let Avalara handle your returns and filing as part of their Returns Service.


Detailed reporting

24/7 access to your AvaTax transaction history through an easy-to-navigate dashboard comes in handy for many reasons, especially during an audit.


Feel good about your tax software

With 6.7 billion tax calculations each year, AvaTax is tried-and-true tax software you’ll appreciate having in your corner.

Innovation and Partnership

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