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Self-Service Reporting

BizNet Software, Inc. is a leader in self-service reporting and analytics solutions in Microsoft Excel. We built the tools that both business users and decision makers need in order to run a successful business.

Ideal for those managing reporting in the manufacturing, distribution and financial industries, our intuitive reporting solutions takes your data from various databases and converges it into an interactive report with drill-down capabilities, simple queries, automatic updates, instant alerts and much more.


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BizInsight 7 for SYSPRO

The self-service reporting and analytics solution

BizInsight 7 is BizNet Software’s state-of-the-art reporting solution designed to make the process of building and consuming reports for both data analysts and business users easier, more accurate and much less time consuming. No longer just for financials, BizInsight 7 propels reporting to the next level by broadening the scope and functionality to all degrees of Excel users. Now, all BizInsight 7 users can be a report designer, whether they’re connected to the ERP or not.

Delivered in a drag-and-drop interface within Microsoft Excel, BizInsight 7 allows users to manipulate their data with built-in query functions, simple lookups and manageable calculations, so that users get the answers they need without encountering the usual challenges of gathering and refreshing the data.


  • CONNECT- Start in Excel. Stay in Excel. Real-time connections to all your SYSPRO and Excel data sources
  • GET ANSWERS- Answer your own business questions with drill-down capabilities—no analyst required
  • SHARE- Schedule and share reports to who you want, when you want with just one click
  • WORK ANYWHERE- Take the all the data with you

Make Sharing Your Reports Easy

Share hundreds of reports with a single click.
You’ve built your report, but now you need to send it weekly to various departments. Some of these departments only need a single sheet of information, while others want a more detailed highly sensitive report that need extra security. Rather than export multiple versions and send multiple emails, BizBroadcast allows you to set permissions and distribution personalization with ease. BizBroadcast is perfect for this scenario. Password protect highly sensitive information and setup simple logic for sending Worksheet A and Worksheet C to Accounting while Worksheet B and Worksheet C go directly to the Marketing departments. BizBroadcast takes the complexity of sending reports and makes it simple.

Benefits by Role

Financial Analyst
Pre-integrated into your SYSPRO data, BizInsight 7 makes reporting in Microsoft Excel fun. With drag-and-drop features, built-in functions and ready-to-use analysis sets BizInsight 7 for SYSPRO takes real-time reporting from days to minutes

  • Real-time data connections from SYSPRO
  • Explore and analyze your data
  • Uncover hidden trends and drill down into your statistics
  • Automatic report refresh for the most up-to-date data

Business Users
Designed for all Excel business users, BizInsight 7 turns static workbooks into interactive workbooks. With the built-in, user-friendly interface users can connect to any Excel data source, automate routine Excel tasks, build interactive reports and answer many of their own questions.

  • Build reports in minutes
  • Uncover insights to make informed business decisions
  • Discover trends and opportunities within your business data

Customer Success Story

“BizNet is a must have for financial reporting in SYSPRO. ”
—Tom Holtz Controller at The Western Group

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