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Quality Assurance

Research proves that most organizations without quality systems are losing on average 10-20% of their bottom line profits. Does that mean Quality for SYSPRO by UniPoint will pay your bills? You bet… In these challenging times Quality for SYSPRO by UniPoint provides a tremendous and fast return on investment, because we are so cost-effective, simple-to-use, and integrated with your ERP data.

Typically, organizations spend more than $1,300 per month manually managing its quality effort. All you have to show is that your company will collectively save 30 hours at $50 per month, or 10 hours a month per person to justify the expense. Beyond that, the upside you will gain is by suddenly understanding the true administrative cost of quality. Our tool will help you immediately and dramatically reduce that cost.

Quality for SYSPRO by UniPoint is not an expense; it is a catalyst for increased efficiency, cost savings and higher profits.

  • Eliminate manual tracking of continuous improvement processes
  • Reductions of Regulatory Risks
  • Change your quality department cost center into a measurable cost-saving center
  • Get away from tracking quality and costs on spreadsheets
  • Integrated quality management system with an integration to ERP data as well. Time savings!
  • Reduction in errors

Some ideas to think about when doing a cost justification:

  • What tasks do you not have enough time for or people to handle?
  • What can’t you currently do because the information doesn’t exist?
  • What have your customers/auditors asked you to do that your current technology doesn’t permit?


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  • Calculate how much it’s costing you to not have a quality assurance solution in place.
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What is your current situation costing you?

Reduced Costs: How many hours a week does your staff spend duplicating data from one system into another, finding quality data for meetings, employees and customers, analyzing data, doing things manually?

  • Reduced down time due to a pro-active preventative maintained model using the Tool & Equipment Maintenance feature. Realize and measure the financial results in your organization almost immediately
  • Reduce time in preparing for audits with the ability to automate and manage the audit process in an efficient and cost-effective manner
  • Reduce training dollars by managing your training process and keeping your records organized and compliant. The payback is in the gap analysis reporting on current or future training needs and costs
  • Reduce the time it takes to prepare customer and vendor surveys. Automate the process if provides instant analysis and graphing of your data
  • Reduce liability by having a Health and Safety program available for your employees. Provide 24/7 access to your employees to critical safety information and promote a health and safe environment at your company

What else could this mean for your business?

  • Fewer missed deadlines for important quality data for your customers and employees?
  • Reduction of scrap and rework since data is provided for continuous improvement
  • Higher customer satisfaction (a priceless bonus of Quality for SYSPRO by UniPoint)

ROI Calculator

Use our ROI calculator and find out how much you can save

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