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If You Love What You Make, You’ll Love These SYSPRO Promotions

Now is the best time to maximize your investment and infuse value in your business by automating and optimizing your SYSPRO ERP system so that you can focus on your passion—the products you make or distribute.

Grow your business and sharpen your competitive edge with these limited-time ERP functionality promotions.

20% and 30% discount applies to only core SYSPRO offerings. Excludes Alliance Partner promotional items which are listed under Extended Solutions.

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Executive Dashboards
SYSPRO Executive Dashboards gives executives a quick and easy way to summarize complex information. Designed to be an interactive visual representation of real-time data, this solution enables business managers to measure and monitor business performance, and conduct what-if modeling.

Electronic Funds Transfer
The SYSPRO Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) system improves multi-currency payment efficiency and provides an accurate, current picture of your cash flow. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of fraud and transactional costs associated with beneficiary payments.

Requirements Planning
SYSPRO Requirements Planning assists you in managing the balance between supply and demand. The Requirements Planning module uses projected and actual demand and supply to assist in planning and creating realistic production, purchasing and supply transfer schedules. It also identifies capacity constraints and maintains optimal stock holdings in a multi-site and multi-warehouse environment. Material Requirements Planning (MRP) helps reduce inventory, increase manufacturing productivity, and ultimately facilitates cash flow.

Lot Traceability
SYSPRO Lot Traceability is designed for manufacturers that require control over product tracking to achieve compliance and also to maintain quality and reputations. Within SYSPRO, users can track materials from vendor receipt through delivery of the product to the customer, as well as all levels in between. Users can identify which materials require lot tracking and the stages of production where information needs to be recorded throughout the manufacturing process.

Engineering Change Control
SYSPRO Engineering Change Control (ECC) module enforces controls in product design with a user-defined workflow that can supplement or replace the paper trail that usually accompanies any product design or changes to product design. SYSPRO provides control and visibility of this process by providing detailed audit reports for all transactions, including all historical changes and the operator performing the change to meet all compliance requirements. Engineering Change Control is crucial to quality control and is a requirement for ISO and QS certification.

Return to Vendor
The process of returning items to a vendor needs to be managed and controlled. These items are still an asset until the vendor gives a credit, replacement or the item is scrapped, and as such, should be subject to the same controls exercised on other assets. The Return to Vendor (RTV) module is designed to manage and control the process of returning items to a vendor by providing visibility and traceability of the item until the transaction is concluded.

Landed Cost Tracking
SYSPRO’s Landed Cost Tracking (LCT) provides visibility of imported goods through shipment tracking and enables greater control of all associated costs, resulting in accurate landed costs. It enables you to track shipments of imported goods, monitor the progress and estimated arrival times of shipments, and establish a reliable estimate of the overall cost of imported goods. Furthermore, it aids the calculation of a more accurate actual cost at which to receive the goods and provides an actual cost comparison to the various estimates made during the procurement cycle.

Credit Card Interface
The Credit Card Interface for SYSPRO offers real time credit card processing for the sales order entry and invoicing functions within SYSPRO. The Credit Card Interface (CCI) helps improve cash flow and reduce bad debts by conveniently collecting payments in real-time or accepting payments for open invoices via credit cards.

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CRM for SYSPRO is a comprehensive software solution that manages the interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects by providing a dynamic 360° view of each relationship. By empowering companies to collect, analyze and utilize data to enhance relationships, the system becomes the foundation of a customer-based strategy to increase revenues, profitability and maximize ROI. Promotion not applicable on the CRM Integration.
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Contact Management System
SYSPRO Contact Management allows you to define and manage a rich set of information about the people with whom you do business, as well as the individuals within your organization. It helps manage information, not only about traditional SYSPRO customers and suppliers, but also other business relationships such as potential customers (prospects), consultants and competitors. Promotion applies to additional users for Contact Management.

Sales Analysis
SYSPRO Sales Analysis provides insight into sales activities to improve sales profitability and provide information for sales forecasting and planning on a number of levels. SYSPRO Sales Analysis also assists in determining the extent to which a sales force has met its sales objectives through the provision of analysis on how well Sales people and product groups are performing compared to budgets available.

Quotations & Estimating
SYSPRO’s Quoting and Estimating capabilities allow you to create professional and comprehensive quotations. A highly flexible interface provides you with all the information you need to give your customers timely quotes/estimates. The Quotations and Estimates allow for the creation of a quote/ estimate for either an existing customer or prospect or for either an existing inventory item or a non-inventory item. SYSPRO lets you track changes by using revision numbers, and all supporting documentation involved can be attached directly to the Quotation.

SYSPRO Analytics
SYSPRO Analytics provides the ability to measure your business in today's highly competitive environment through an analytical framework that builds and supports the key performance indicators of your business. This powerful analytics solution enables you to shape strategic priorities, and make informed business decisions. With the interactive, user-friendly tools, you can get the answers you need quickly and easily, resulting in improved decision-making and ultimately, better business performance. Promotion applies for additional users for SYSPRO Analytics.

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Product Configurator
SYSPRO’s Product Configurator offers multiple configuration options to customers in a controlled, cost-effective and user-friendly manner in order to maximize customer service and operational efficiency. The Product Configurator can replace many manual processes, allowing companies to work smarter and eliminate the wasted effort when tracking orders, quotes, jobs, and more.

Work in Progress
SYSPRO Work in Progress module is the cornerstone of the system’s Manufacturing Solution. It allows you to issue work orders, develop schedules, and track costs associated with the manufacturing process. This solution provides you with complete control of the manufacturing process and the ability to see up-to-the-minute, work-in-progress information.

Inventory Forecasting
SYSPRO Inventory Forecasting enables you to produce forecasts based on sales history, and provides the tools to measure the quality of your forecasts. It uses a set of mathematical algorithms to predict future sales based on historic demand, and enables you to easily identify those products that contribute the most to your business in terms of sales value, gross profit, cost of sales, quantity sold and hits. The SYSPRO solution gives your team the capability to create accurate and credible forecasts, along with the tools for efficiently managing, monitoring and improving your forecast process.

Inventory Families and Groupings
Families and Groupings is an essential tool for any organization in a demand-driven environment allowing for the aggregated view and manipulation of both sales and forecasts and providing input to material requirements planning. SYSPRO Inventory Families and Groupings provides the tools to arrange ‘collections’ of stock-keeping units (SKUs) into families and groupings of similar items. These collections provide a high-level view of items from which sales forecasts can be produced and the quality of the forecast measured.

Inventory Optimization
SYSPRO’s Inventory Optimization (IO), together with Inventory Forecasting, Families and Groupings, and Requirements Planning provides the tools and processes to optimize stock levels, ensuring stock is in the right place at the right time, and reduces obsolescence. SYSPRO Inventory Optimization takes an holistic approach to balancing the supply chain by providing visibility and understanding of the different parameters that create and shape inventory. The IO module allows users to create policies that determine how a change to these parameters impacts on target inventory levels. This enables the best mix of services to the customer at the optimum cost of inventory to achieve that service. Seasonal and trend factors can also be incorporated.

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Document Management for SYSPRO from Dash automatically indexes and archives the many documents that manufactures and distributors produce daily—such as invoices, purchase orders, inventory pick lists, drawings, specifications and more. At your command, Document Management for SYSPRO from Dash will deliver these documents instantly to customers, suppliers, logistics partners, quality auditors or other contacts by email, fax and/or to one or more printers.

  • The DDX Web Viewer software for free when you buy Dash's DDX Enterprise Edition - the Document Management system for SYSPRO, and the DDX VALU Module. (This is a $3,500.00 Value).


  • Get $3,000.00 off of the software when you purchase Dash's DDX Enterprise Edition - the Document Management system for SYSPRO, and the DDX VALU Module.

Here's how it works: You choose one of the two offers listed above with your new purchase of the DDX Enterprise Edition with VALU Module from now through October 31, 2018.

BizInsight for SYSPRO from BizNet
15% off of BizNet licenses. Does not include training. If you prefer to export reporting data into Microsoft Excel, but want access to more operational data, BizInsight for SYSPRO makes it remarkably easier to harness information and share reports. Faster and more intuitive than Crystal Reports, BizInsight is an Excel-based reporting and analysis engine that turns raw data into meaningful business information. Save time by using the pre-built report templates or create your own with drag-and-drop functionality. Then distribute reports automatically to key stakeholders inside and outside the organization. Discount will be for year one only and not on the subscription renewals.

10% Discount with Implementation and Training included. CADTALK is an ERP-CAD Integrated Solution working with SolidWorks, AutoCad, Inventor, SolidEdge, and most popular CAD and PDM/PLM applications. CADTALK offers real-time integration with SYSPRO ERP creating items, inventory records, manufacturing bills of material, and routings from engineering bills of material inside your CAD or PDM/PLM application in over half the time it would take to create and modify records in SYSPRO ERP manually. Promotion not applicable on the CADTALK Integration..

20% discount and free implementation ($5000 value). CADLink allows engineers to create SYSPRO Item Master and structures identical to engineering CAD data with the click of a button. The direct integration reduces manual data entry and clerical errors. Production benefits from drawing information identical to work order documentation. Increase the speed of data flow from sales to engineering, procurement, and manufacturing. Streamlining the entire product development process by integrating your CAD/PDM/PLM system and your SYSPRO solution gives you the edge in the competitive market. This eliminates all the burdens you face from having disparate systems, allowing engineers to focus on the designs and innovation.

Quality for SYSPRO by UniPoint
25% product-only discount. Promotion not applicable on the Quality Advanced Integration. Quality for SYSPRO offers an extensive suite of tools to help you cost-effectively manage quality issues while streamlining manufacturing operations. Quality for SYSPRO provides the breadth and depth of detail you need not only to find and fix problems faster, but to prevent issues from occurring in the first place. By automating and connecting all of your departments, you can meet ISO and other regulatory compliance requirements.

EDI for SYSPRO Powered by TIEKinetix
10% discount on SaaS for the first year. EDI for SYSPRO Powered by TIEKinetix makes exchanging documents electronically between SYSPRO and trading partners easy and hassle-free. When you need to capture, validate, distribute, and send electronic business documents with your partner community, we can help. This EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution’s powerful XML and database translation engines enable superior collaboration between business partners anytime and anywhere. These solutions will help increase productivity, speed up processing, and reduce the significant costs associated with Business-to-Business Integration.

Nomad eCommerce for SYSPRO
$5,000 for the standard setup of a site. Nomad eCommerce for SYSPRO provides a turnkey and cost-effective integrated eCommerce solution to meet your eCommerce needs. Nomad uses to cleanly and effectively integrate into your SYSPRO environment where we can easily customize your storefront to meet your B2B requirements or optimize your B2C experience. By integrating your eCommerce processes with Nomad, you can save valuable time on data entry and provide your customers with 24/7 access to real-time data.

Dominic Systems
50% off the hourly rate of the implementation fees for Salesforce to SYSPRO integration. Up to 100 pre-purchased hours. The Salesforce Connector for SYSPRO updates Salesforce with time-sensitive SYSPRO ERP data in seconds. It provides Sales, Customer Service, and other Salesforce users with all the financial, purchase history, credit status and other information that they need in one place. Salesforce Connector for SYSPRO can be configured to allow updates from Salesforce to SYSPRO as well, including creating new Customers, Products, Sales Orders and other data in SYSPRO from Salesforce – it adapts to your existing business processes.

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