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SYSPRO ERP Software Selection Criteria

SYSPRO ERP Evaluation Criteria

A competitive product comparison matrix to evaluate the solution, provider, functionality, implementation, and technology.


Managing the selection of an ERP system to help run your business is a daunting task that can be confusing to even the most seasoned employee. The system you choose will be used to run your company for years, can affect growth, and will leverage efficiencies in your business processes. With so many choices, how do you come up with a short list of vendors? This selection criteria can help.

We’ve put together a list of resources including FAQs, guides, checklists, and white papers to help you evaluate and select your next ERP solution. To access our customized knowledge base, simply answer the two questions below:

1. What is your knowledge of ERP?

I just started to research ERP and would like to learn more

I have used an ERP system in the past

I have used many ERP systems and am familiar with the functionality

2. What stage are you currently in with your ERP evaluation process?

I am just beginning to evaluate ERP systems

I need help finding the right solution

I have seen several ERP systems and am now trying to make a decision