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Speed Up Time to Delivery While Managing Risk

Speed up time to delivery while still managing risk

Deadline to introduce risk management for ISO 9001:2015 is September 14, 2018

Risk management is becoming a focal point in the supply chain. This may be due to your company’s own transition from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015, which requires companies to have a risk management process by September of this year, or a customer now requiring this for their own certification process. Manufactures and distributors are having to address how this new requirement affects delivery times while still maintaining customer satisfaction.

Quality for SYSPRO is here to help. Through our mobile-first design that can run on any phone, tablet or desktop, you can transform your employees into active participants in not only risk management, but the whole quality process. Quality for SYSPRO will help with your certification process, improving your product fulfillment process and increasing customer satisfaction. Join us for this live webinar for deeper insight into:

  • Easy to see risk levels by color and symbol
  • Revision control risk assessments
  • Control risk assessment sign-offs and security
  • Manage risk assessment templates

Webinar Presenters


Sanjay Ejantkar

Marketing Strategy Leader, SYSPRO USA

Dean Antonakes

President& CEO, UniPoint Software Inc.