Darren Edwards

Darren Edwards

As the Head of Product Operations at SYSPRO, Darren is responsible for the onboarding of new SYSPRO solutions within the organization by ensuring product and organizational readiness. With a diverse background, Darren and his team ensure oversee the entire Release-to-Market process, from inception through to market. Darren’s strategic approach to this role is informed by over a decade of experience at SYSPRO in a variety of positions. His holistic, analysis-driven approach to achieving operational excellence is key to ensuring the commercial success of SYSPRO products. He is a skilled technologist, passionate about client satisfaction.

Posts by Darren Edwards

Managing-Operating ERP

Why You Will Love a Career in ERP

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you are not already working in the ERP industry, it’s sometimes difficult at parties to explain to people what …

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Planning-Purchasing-Implementing ERPSYSPRO User Tips

SYSPRO and Manufacturing Operations Management (MES)

Reading Time: 3 minutes No one ever said that managing your manufacturing operation was easy, in fact it can be one of the most …

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Cloud ERPSYSPRO User Tips

The Cloud Vs On Premise Paradigm

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nowadays there is no shortage of articles that promote Cloud ERP systems and pontificate the impending demise of on premise …

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Applying and Operating ERPMaintaining/Upgrading ERP

What is Digital Transformation?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Everywhere you look technologists and software experts are banging on about Digital Transformation, the Internet of Things and Cloud this, …

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