The True Value of ERP Channel Partners in the Age of Digitalization

The age of digitalization has changed the world as we know it. Over the last few weeks, we have seen the rise of the remote workforce like never before. In some cases, businesses have even started looking beyond borders to locate the necessary talent, resulting in multi-cultural teams, interconnected by the advances in digital technology.

With the rise of this global talent pool, organizations have increasingly turned to industry experts to offer a more hands-on approach to ERP implementation in the age of digitalization. Channel partners are helping businesses to pin down strategic objectives and identify the bottlenecks, which can be resolved through correct ERP deployments. In fact, Insights from Forrester Research, Inc. reveal that vendors are increasing their use of channels, partnerships and alliances as a primary vehicle to reach and service customers. Due to their extensive training and experience, partners can offer more customized solutions to customers, because this age of ERP is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

The True Value of Partnership

For businesses, leveraging a global partner network comes with several benefits. Firstly, it enables businesses to better service existing customers by improving overall customer experience. Businesses can also leverage a partner network to foster long-term relationships with clients and provide knowledge and insights from their client interactions that can lead to further product innovations and improved market share, without which the vendor could not scale and grow to enable effective servicing of customers and build value within the ecosystem.


5 Key Considerations Before Taking the Partnership Path

1 – Robust Partner Program

If you are considering becoming part of a partner network, ensure that the vendor you choose has a solid partner program in place with an evolving mindset that aligns their vision with yours. It’s about more than just the bottom line. Making the incorrect choice can have repercussions for your business as the values and quality of service is reflected within the behaviors of the vendor and its partners which could result in failed relationships and bad business practices.

2 – A Future-Fit Product

If the vendor’s product isn’t future fit, and not focused on innovation, you could lose opportunities in favor of competition that has built their digital future with the customer operations in mind.

3 – Technical Support, Education and Training 

Look for a partner program that will provide continued technical support, education and training; providing you with invaluable knowledge to effectively market your businesses, and help you improve your sales opportunities. This will make it easier for your business to win and retain more loyal customers, so as you upscale your own business, the vendor continues to grow theirs.

4 – Competitive Margins

Ensure that you are seen as a business partner rather than a means to an end and that the offering provides competitive margins and the ability to build wealth through product sales, implementations, value-added services and recurring revenue streams.

5 – Long-Term Relationships 

Most companies will offer an industry-standard partner program, with the same industry-standard benefits. The key is to identify an organization that wants to build a long-term relationship with you and not just a series of once-off engagements. Improved and empowered partnerships lead to improved customer service, relationships and overall experiences, so ensure that whoever you partner with is as serious about providing an enabling customer-first experience.

Customers want to work with experienced, successful companies with quality reputations. They need an ERP that gives them powerful features as well as the simplicity of use, scalability, visibility of information and powerful analytical reporting capabilities to make their business a success. By partnering with the right brand, you become part of their strong, vibrant channel that allows you to boost your business and bring success to your current and future customers.

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