5 Signs the Future of ERP Software is Mobile

Successful businesses have long turned to enterprise resource management (ERP) software to integrate applications, automate back office functions, and overall free up human capital talent to focus on what they do best, versus day-to-day operational needs.

That’s the goal of the software anyway, but that doesn’t mean every solution on the market is doing the best to reach that goal. In fact, with a rapidly changing technology environment, it’s becoming increasingly common for not just legacy ERP solutions, but legacy software in general, to become outdated.

To ensure that your ERP software is having the utmost impact on productivity, efficiency, and optimization, it’s important to evaluate whether or not your solution is staying up to speed with the latest trends. And it today’s environment, that means mobility. So whether you’re considering switching your legacy ERP software solution to a new system, or shopping for ERP software for the first time, consider these five signs that indicate the future of ERP software is definitely mobile.

  1. It’s how your employees want to operate

Most of us would be hard-pressed to think of friends and family members who don’t have smartphones. And we’re not just on these devices for personal use. Nearly 90 percent of small business employees use their smartphones for work purposes, and almost all who do, believe it makes them more efficient.

Because ERP software touches so many functions in an organization, broad adoption is critical. And the fact is, you’re just not going to see those high adoption and usage numbers unless your solution is mobile. Meet employees where they are and they will take advantage.

  1. It’s how customers want to access information

It’s not only your employees who are addicted to their phones, it’s everyone. More than half of smartphone owners reach for their phones immediately after waking up and they spend an average of five hours a day on their mobile devices. Nearly three-quarters of consumers immediately delete email that doesn’t look good on mobile.

Mobility isn’t a consumer nice-to-have anymore, it’s an expectation. A mobile ERP makes it possible for your customers to get alerts on their orders and track progress on their phone. Fall short of those expectations, and you will see customers heading out the door.

  1. Accurate data is the advantage

The digital age has made the world flat. No longer must consumers turn only to local products and services – an entire globe of choices is within their reach. And no longer must consumers only rely on word-of-mouth to do their due diligence in buyer research – they have a wealth of information at their fingertips. Competition for today’s consumers is fierce, and increasingly so. The use of actionable data to inform business decisions is what keeps you ahead of the pack.

But accurate data requires agility. If your data is outdated, it won’t matter or may even lead you down the wrong path. Mobile ERPs make it possible for every person in your organization at every point in your supply chain to record, upload, and share accurate data as quickly as possible.

  1. Workforces are increasingly remote

Nearly half of employed Americans spent at least some time working remotely last year and the flexibility of workplaces is expected to rise. More than ever, entire organizations are going remote. Software needs to meet the demands of this changing work culture.

A mobile ERP solution reduces connectivity issues for remote workers, and makes collaboration between multiple offices and across time zones more manageable.

  1. Customer service is more important than ever – mobile gets you there

The “world is flat”digital consumer experience not only increases competition, it democratizes voice. Anyone, anywhere can publish online. And that means unflattering reviews of your service have the ability to reach further than ever before. Sixty percent of American consumers have abandoned an intended purchase because of poor customer service. That translates into very real revenue loss, which only increases if those consumers share their experience with others online.

A mobile ERP system can help prevent bad customer experiences before they happen. Real-time supply chain updates and the ability to communicate with all team members on the fly makes proactive problem solving possible.

A cursory glance around any room full of people will tell you just how much mobile is changing our worlds. Smartphone usage isn’t just here to stay, it’s here to grow. Smart software companies are adapting to the new world order, and smart business are adopting the software solutions that put mobile first.

Taylor Burke is a contributor for TechnologyAdvice.com, specializing in business software. When she’s not in front of her screen, you can find Taylor reading, cooking, running, or hanging with her dog-but rarely all four at once. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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