Dollars Are Hiding in Your Data

Companies that grow and prosper in today’s highly charged economic environment are those that are able to maximize their available resources to attain new levels of efficiency.  SYSPRO ERP software can be one of your most valuable resources, but only if you utilize all of its power to achieve the strategic advantages you need to move ahead at a profitable pace.

The single biggest expense a manufacturing entity faces continues to be the cost of labor.  The “just-in-time, make-to-order”concept so prevalent in American industry only a few years back has given way to a more costly make-to-stock model, where the value-add of labor results in significantly higher costs of maintaining inventories.

While many US manufacturing entities were able to keep the labor value-adds low by outsourcing manufacturing to foreign countries, the rapid rise in transportation costs have all but eliminated any outsourcing advantages.  The American manufacturer must now face the challenge of “doing more with less.”  Now’s not the time to capitalize assets but to capitalize on them.  Thankfully, the effective utilization of an ERP solution, such as that offered by SYSPRO, can aid manufacturers in returning to a more cost-effective, lean make-to-order manufacturing strategy as opposed to maintaining large, costly inventories of finished goods.

SYSPRO provides a strong software platform for supporters of lean principles to merge business processes, workflow and analytics/reporting to accomplish lean manufacturing and distribution strategies.  SYSPRO solutions reflect the basic goal of “Lean”to get more done with less by minimizing inventory at all stages of production, shortening the product cycle times from raw materials to finished goods, and eliminating waste.

Because SYSPRO software is easy-to-implement and easy-to-use, companies implementing the software enjoy a rapid ROI (Return-on-Investment.)  SYSPRO pioneered its award-winning Fluid Interface Design that enhances user productivity by enabling unique self-customization capabilities.  SYSPRO solutions, built on the Microsoft .NET framework enables companies to extend the standard SYSPRO functionality and streamline operations by executing Service Oriented Architecture.

SYSPRO also offers a robust inventory optimization solution that reduces demand uncertainty and order time leads as well as lead time variability and availability uncertainty.  SYSPRO has leaped ahead of the competition by building in “just in time”capabilities to adjust to dynamic business needs that encompass the holistic inventory needs of its mid-market customers.

Let SYSPRO help you mine those hidden dollars and add them to your profits!

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