Benefits of an ERP Release Preview for Users

We have released our Preview version of our latest SYSPRO version to Developers and Channel Partners in the form of a downloadable

virtual machine (VM) so they can experience an early release environment first hand.

In this way users can tangibly interact with the software and explore its functionality, performance and compatibility. Users can learn the software and run programs, including conducting transactions to the General Ledger, over a period of time rather than just one day.

This also enables channel partners for example to interact with the software and then talk to customers about the latest version with confidence.

The VM Version

The Community Preview available since November 2017 allows you to experience our new SYSPRO release running in the cloud – this Release Preview (downloadable VM and available since December 2017) allows you to see the performance when running ‘on premise’ on your own hardware and network environment.

Now we can take a current SYSPRO data set and migrate it to the new release, enabling the creation of tailored demonstrations for salespeople, and showcasing the latest features to customers to further drive uptake rates and encourage adoption.

So why the Release Preview? Well, people can often fear the unknown and this release tests the market and shows partners how seamless the migration can be and how quickly they can be up and running. Often it literally takes a few minutes for them to be exploring our new enhancements and features.

Another benefit for developers is they can explore how well their code interacts with SYSPRO and how third-party applications works with our solution. If is used for example it will virtually merge seamlessly and rapidly.

But don’t take my word for it. If you are a SYSPRO Channel Partner or implementer, download our Release Preview and experience its innovation and performance for yourself.


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