ERP Collaboration for the Social Age

The divide between personal and business software is no longer. The modern-day workforce expects business tools to be as seamless and user friendly as any of the social media platforms we use daily. Modern ERP must accommodate this, giving managers and staff the ability to check on operations around the clock, and to share information with each other in an easy-to-use messaging format.

Organizations are fast recognizing the need for collaboration and harnessing the power of the consumerization of ERP, to change business behavior. According to the Aberdeen Group, businesses that embrace social platforms within their business systems (such as ERP) are 2.5 times more likely to gain real-time visibility into the status of all processes and to have real-time collaboration across divisions and departments. These same businesses have also seen profit margins increase by 22 percent in the past two years!

The end goal of any ERP solution provider has to focus on optimizing the customer’s business. At SYSPRO, we have embraced social business by evolving our user experience, engagement and collaboration solution to achieve just this.

Enter SYSPRO Harmony, the answer to the modern-day social workforce. Embedded within SYSPRO, Harmony incorporates a familiar social media-type interface on which to do business. It has been designed to simplify the user experience and increase user engagement.

Through a rules-based engine, it surfaces and pushes relevant business and operational information to the right people, thereby encouraging enterprise-wide collaboration, which in turn improves productivity throughout the organization.

It also enables integration of SYSPRO data into the chat format and enables archiving and trend analysis of conversations. This provides users with powerful capabilities, like following and tracking key data; actioning and communicating relevant information to internal and external stakeholders; archiving and trend analysis of conversations; and detecting of surface sentiments.

There’s no doubting that the familiar social interaction experience within ERP is the key to ERP collaboration, allowing users to share collaboratively with other users or departments. But it doesn’t stop here. The future sees this extended to supply chain partners, improving collaboration across the complete supply chain. This will give suppliers, salespeople and customers greater and more immediate access to data, deepening customer and supplier relations.

Updates to SYSPRO Harmony soon to be released include the ability to better drill into the information generated, allowing users to slice and dice Harmony data based not only on business context (“show me customer of sales related things from the past week”) but also based on sentiment (“show me everything with a negative sentiment in the past month”).

Also included are enhancements to better integrate Harmony with SYSPRO, for example opening an enquiry of a customer in SYSPRO directly from a complaint by the customer surfaced in Harmony. Furthermore, Data Sentiment will enable a complete spectrum picture of your customer’s opinion about your services or products, for informed and strategic decision making. This will provide a seamless and transparent relationship between you and your market, helping to differentiate your brand and establish your business as ethical, honest and customer-centric.

All these enhancements further enable the consumerization of SYSPRO ERP, making it more accessible and ultimately providing more value to end users at all levels in an organization.


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