SYSPRO’s Learning Management System

You know how sometimes you’re driving along a stretch of a familiar road as a passenger and you notice things, beautiful things, which you did not see while driving?

In the driver’s seat, you are focused on the road ahead, watching out for other drivers, pedestrians and bikers. In the driver’s seat it’s more about the destination than the journey.

Well, over the past year, I have been that driver, on the road to the implementation of our global Learning Management System, fondly referred as the SYSPRO Learning Channel or SLC. I thought it was going to be a short trip to the gas station for chips, but it ended up being a trans-continental journey.

Many of you in our industry have been involved in an implementation in some way or another and I am sure can relate to feeling like you’re constantly sorting out issues, having meetings, disagreements, tears (you know it) and triumphs. You get lost in the detail.

In a meeting, the week before our launch, my colleague provided a number of stories of how much her customers in beta testing are enjoying the SLC. She told me how it is encouraging learning through friendly competition. You see, learners collect credits for each course and badges for program completion and this all gets tallied in a leaderboard. This is visible to all learners in the group. In her example, the Customer Relations Team were determined to top the Sales Team.

I also learned that people who have never really engaged with education are getting involved and getting educated. It may have to do with us keeping the lessons short, making them interactive, and adding questions to test how much you have retained.

It was heart-warming getting this feedback. Finally, I was in the passenger seat, seeing the beauty of the surrounds.

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