Simon Griffiths

Simon Griffiths

Simon Griffiths is a Johannesburg-based ERP veteran with over 20 years in the industry. He started work as a programmer and was one of the early users of the IBM PC. He spent several years working with decision support systems and spent time in Silicon Valley. Moving into the ERP industry, he has been in ERP project management, sales and marketing. He worked with JD Edwards, Dynamics Nav, and with SYSPRO as a reseller and then in corporate product marketing. He also spent several years with a software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendor. He now uses his technical, sales and marketing knowledge to create content for enterprise software vendors that business and other non-technical people can understand. In his spare time he is a Salesforce administrator for NPOs. He was one of the first 3000 users of Twitter and can be contacted at @simon_g, and on LinkedIn.

Posts by Simon Griffiths

Supply Chain Management and ERPManaging inventory with ERP

Why Should my Business use Inventory Optimization?

Reading Time: 4 minutes So you reckon I should consider inventory optimization? Convince me. According to research by the Aberdeen Group, one of the …

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Planning-Purchasing-Implementing ERPBusiness software

Four tips for starting an ERP project

Reading Time: 4 minutes We have previously discussed how an ERP system can help a business, and also provided some suggestions on how to …

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Managing-Operating ERPERP systems

Managing Governance and Compliance

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ten years ago, in 2002, a law was passed in the US Congress that has had a lasting effect on …

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