ERP Resellers: 4 Factors to Consider When Evaluating Vendors

Choosing an ERP Vendor Partner: Key Considerations for Success with SYSPRO

As a software reseller or system integrator, your success is intrinsically tied to the solutions and company you choose to represent. Your future growth and your bottom line are directly impacted by the tangibles—and intangibles—a software vendor can offer, so the selection of a partner is critical.

If you’re looking for an ERP vendor to partner with or seeking to add another software provider to your portfolio, there are four key considerations you should weigh during your evaluation.

  1. A proven company that has your back

    The financial stability and profitability of a potential vendor is crucial to ensure a long-term and fruitful collaboration. A financially sound company is better equipped to weather market fluctuations and invest in ongoing innovation, providing you with assurance about the stability of the partnership.

    Moreover, a stellar reputation in the market speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and ethical business practices. Delve into industry reviews, customer testimonials, retention rates and case studies to gauge their reputation. A vendor with a strong track record of consistently delivering exceptional solutions and support will not only enhance your credibility, but also contribute to enduring end-user relationships.

  2. Product built to work and made to sell

    It’s probably obvious, but consider the product itself. A functionally rich and technically sound product not only acts as a strong foundation but is mandatory for success. Look for products that boast rock-solid performance, reliability, and scalability. A technically superior product not only ensures smooth operations but also minimizes the risk of technical glitches or downtime, fostering trust and confidence among your customers.

    Find a product portfolio tailored to the specific needs and pain points of your manufacturing customers. Whether it’s food and beverage, packaging, or plastics, a rock-solid product that addresses the specific needs of your focus verticals can help you streamline sales processes, achieve higher conversion rates, accelerate lead generation efforts and create more predictable renewal rates.

    Finally, consider the flexibility of the platform. Does it feature open APIs that allow you to develop complementary offerings or modules to extend functionality relevant to your clients? Is it available as both a cloud and on-premise solution? While cloud solutions offer scalability, accessibility, and ease of maintenance, many manufacturers mandate software to be deployed on-premise due to security or regulatory concerns. A software partner that offers both deployment options can maximize your market reach and potential for success.

  3. A partner program that creates value

    A robust partner program goes beyond providing access to software licenses; it encompasses the support designed to empower you. From specialized training and certification programs to co-marketing initiatives and dedicated support channels, the best partner programs truly help you grow your business. They protect you against channel conflict when you register leads, and they equip you with the tools and resources necessary to expand your reach, grow revenue more profitably, and ultimately increase your business’ overall valuation.

  4. People committed to mutual success

    Even if an ERP vendor you are evaluating checks the company, product and partner program boxes, the last and arguably the most important factor involves the people you will be working with.

    The people behind the software play a crucial role in shaping the success of your partnership. You want partners whose team members not only have deep business acumen, but also operate with absolute integrity, respect, and kindness. Beyond technology, it’s human connections and interactions that drive mutual understanding, trust, and collaboration. When both sides share a like-minded focus on delivering exceptional service and value, you and your customers benefit.

Choosing the right vendor today starts paying off tomorrow

Choosing the ideal software partner is about more than just finding a vendor—it’s about forming a symbiotic relationship. With a partner who boasts financial stability, offers top-notch products, provides a lucrative partner program, and emphasizes genuine human connections, you’re not just investing in software—you’re investing in the future valuation and growth of your business.

SYSPRO’s PartnerUP Program offers a wealth of benefits and resources tailored to meet the needs of our partners. Join our trusted community of ERP experts and embark on a journey where you’ll be supported every step of the way.


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