Sustainability in ERP Education Key for Stable Employment

As a result of the IT skills talent pool being scarce locally we often battle to find interns for our training programme with the right education for us to build on and mentor.

Yet, over the last two years we trained 10 support interns and hired 9 of them, and placed 1 at a partner. Our aim is always to build a sustainable platform and set of skills so as many of the interns we successfully train elect to remain within our SYSPRO ecosystem as full time staff.

To foster and build this sustainable environment for our interns we also train them in ‘’soft skills’’ like emotional awareness and staff interaction. We also teach general business skills, alongside the more specific coding and development IT skills, like how to compile and give a PowerPoint presentation on a business case and what the driving forces are behind a customer’s company and the costs of implementation error. We also teach them time management skills and how to prioritize tasks.

Investing in Interns is Vital

Some companies out there don’t really develop and train their interns in a sustainable manner but just want low- or no-cost labor for a year. Our approach is progressive and has sustainability as its goal. We know that the more we invest in our interns and staff the more value they will deliver back to us and our customers.

Looking at implementations from a business point of view also teaches them consulting skills, like how to discuss any software implementation pain points with a customer and how to help them realize a good ROI on their ERP investment.

Another tool in our education tool kit is the recent launch of our SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC) which has taken all our learning material, certifications and processes online, empowering interns to learn at their own pace and relook at areas they want to brush up on.

The SLC has also already given us valuable statistical data for example, showing the need to constantly upgrade and improve the content of exam questions.

Company Culture

We also encourage interns to take advantage of our company culture at SYSPRO and we are proud to say that any of them who have experienced work elsewhere speak in glowing terms of our company’s competitive benefits, welcoming culture and the often pursued millennial goal of achieving a work/life balance.

As Morpheus says in the science fiction epic The Matrix, “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”. Our interns mostly opt to remain at SYSPRO after walking our path.


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