ERP Selection Criteria Checklist

Choosing the right ERP software solution might be one of the most impactful business decisions you will make. It is imperative to evaluate each ERP vendor, measuring them against industry-standard criteria to help you identify the solution that best fits your business needs. Download this white paper to access a competitive product comparison matrix designed to assist you in evaluating your ERP vendor options.

This evaluation criteria in SPFIT will help you decode:

  • The ERP Solution – identify how mature the vendor is, and if it has the right tools to get the job done
  • The Provider – learn about the company, its history, and viability
  • Software Functionality – pinpoint features the product offers that actually perform daily business management
  • The Implementation Process – examine the vendor’s track record for successful installs, and determine if they are a cultural fit for deployment and beyond
  • Technology – identify whether the product leverages technology for usability, customizability, and maintainability

“Business requirements can change at a moment’s notice. While today your business might not need certain functionality, as your business grows your ERP needs to provide the flexibility to adapt to those changes.”

– Document Excerpt

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