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ERP Training

ERP Training

Mastering your ERP investment with SYSPRO LearnIt

ERP Education – Become the master of your own ERP success story

The way we experience and interact with the technologically driven world around us continues to change, with the global appetite for technological expertise increasing at the expense of traditional business skills. But one thing remains the same – our desire and capacity to learn, grow and improve ourselves every day. For any business, having well-trained people is a company’s greatest asset, and living and working in today’s digital world is about learning, upskilling and mastering new skills.

The ongoing training, education and certification your employees can receive through SYSPRO LearnIt will future-proof your company to the benefit of all involved. SYSPRO LearnIt empowers individual learners to achieve their own desired outcomes and be inspired to become the master of their own ERP success story.

Top-of-mind business challenges SYSPRO LearnIt solves

Learning doesn’t just build human capital, it also builds organizational capital. As employees learn their jobs and the system better, the more proficient they become in their individual roles and more efficiently they can collectively help the business run.

  • Trained and knowledgeable employees spend less time on troubleshooting and more time on doing business.
  • Streamline and optimize business processes.
  • Increase user adoption.
  • Ensure your employees’ skillsets stay relevant and show your people you care about their careers and their futures.
  • Boost morale – employees who have training and development opportunities are happier in their roles and have a positive outlook on their future within the company.
  • Keep your best people! If you don’t provide them with meaningful training, they’ll go to someone who does.
  • Attract, retain, and develop future leaders through well-targeted skills-development efforts.
  • Build the bench-strength of your organization in order to ensure its long-term health, growth and stability.
  • Enable your talent management process by identifying key roles and mapping out ways to ensure the organization has the right people with the right skills, capabilities, and experiences, in the right place at the right time.
  • Provide a benchmark for recruitment. Skills development is one of the most important aspects when considering user-uptake and safeguarding your ERP investment.

Continuous ERP reskilling as your business grows and evolves

All companies invest in SYSPRO training when they first implement the solution. But training needs arise continuously as your business grows and evolves and as the use of SYSPRO moves through the next phases, including upgrades, ongoing employee turnover, cross-training and retraining, and ultimately advanced uses of the solution.

A well-trained team that has a solid understanding of SYSPRO can be confident that they can use the software effectively to:

  • Make informed decisions
  • Deliver timely products and services to their customers
  • Ensure smooth operations throughout their organization and supply chain
  • Increase productivity and decrease support costs.

A digital learning experience

Training solutions for every role, schedule, and budget

SYSPRO LearnIt education and training combines a digital learning experience as well as instructor-led learning, giving your SYSPRO users total control of their own learning journey and path to ERP career success. Whatever your ERP level of expertise or career aspirations, SYSPRO LearnIt provides a full learning experience and management system that brings practical self-directed education to life through fully immersive, intuitive learning experiences that are designed to be inspiring and easy-to-use – ensuring they deliver positive results for your business, your employees and your customers.

Our Online Platform – the SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC)

The SLC is a portal to all SYSPRO’s training offerings including educational material in a variety of formats which you can use for self-paced, self-directed learning or supplement the instructor-led training we provide. The SLC also provides a complete Learning Management System, enabling companies to measure and monitor the educational progress of each SYSPRO user.

Customer-Tailored Training

Tailored to your unique environment and requirements, this type of training is recommended when implementing a new process or optimizing an existing process.  It allows for flexibility to cover specific topics or to structure the training in a workshop format and aims at providing both training and consultation to the attendees, including advice on how to incorporate a new module or feature into their existing processes, or how to improve on current use of the system.

Instructor-led Training

For users who are new to the software or to a specific area, this training is typically more generic and focusses on the transaction flow and is aimed at end users, rather than process owners. Our instructor-led training provides a base-line knowledge of SYSPRO ERP processes and to enable users to incorporate SYSPRO into your everyday business.

Led by certified SYSPRO trainers, these live interactive sessions provide a personal learning experience whether in a virtual classroom or a physical classroom environment:

  • Virtual classroom sessions are held online and led by an instructor. Tutorials are provided so you can practice on your test environment. Recordings of virtual sessions are provided after the course ends.
  • Physical classroom sessions are held in SYSPRO offices. An instructor leads you through the concepts and you work through hands-on exercises using laptops we provide, and which are loaded with our bicycle company training data.

Mastering ERP with SYSPRO LearnIt solutions

Find out how SYSPRO LearnIt can answer your education and training requirements:

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SYSPRO LearnIt meets your business requirements by providing you with training offerings that are both cost-effective and convenient.

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Skills development is one of the most important aspects when considering user-uptake and safeguarding your ERP investment.

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Technology is evolving far faster than the skills needed to use it effectively, creating a global digital skills gap that requires creative, insights-driven Human Resources management.

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