Business Performance Management

If you’re like most companies, you monitor and measure success based on your most important key performance indicators (KPIs) without knowing it. You might be looking at metrics like cash flow, inventory levels, labor costs, profitability and customer satisfaction. You need to support fact-based planning and informed decision-making – no matter your size or industry.

But getting accurate data quickly, in a usable format, isn’t always easy. Data in its raw form can take time and expertise to analyze. Spreadsheets are inflexible and require manual work to update. Disparate systems have disconnected reporting. What you really need are clear business intelligence insights about your entire business – at your fingertips.

Discover how SYSPRO’s business intelligence software solutions enable the transformation of data to real information that can then be analyzed and used to make relevant decisions, in support of true Business Performance Management (BPM).


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Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) calls for a closed-loop process of developing corporate strategy, creating organizational alignment, operations planning, measurement and reporting, and managing change. If you’re looking to implement an EPM strategy, you need reporting and analytics tools that provide a holistic view of your critical KPIs.

Because SYSPRO ERP is designed to meet the needs of manufacturers and distributors, our business intelligence tools uniquely deliver the metrics you need — from quality reporting to financials to supply chain performance — as part of the solution. Use SYSPRO insights to support EPM across these areas:

1. Measurement: Start by setting targets and benchmark actions across your operations. Enable managers to monitor and manage by KPIs and not just monetary values. SYSPRO’s interactive dashboards and scorecards use real-time data so you can see how products, suppliers or sales channels are performing. Drill down into the data as needed to get more detailed information.

2. Analysis: Evaluate your business as a whole and ask critical questions about performance. With the right tools, you can ask out-of-the-box questions regarding your data and challenge conventional patterns of thinking. Gain visibility into bottlenecks that may need to be addressed.

3. Insight: You should now begin to see clear patterns and trends in your information and make educated guesses about what big-picture actions to take. SYSPRPO ERP features business performance management tools for “what if” process modeling and simulation of possible changes before putting them into action.

4. Action: The Action phase involves making decisions and changing business processes based on the insights you have gained. Test different approaches and then close the loop again with measurement.

Business Performance Management

Simplify Corporate Performance Management with SYSPRO ERP

Many business intelligence projects fail due to lack of IT resources or vague requirements. SYSPRO can help with out-of-the-box analytics solutions designed to be flexible and easy for business users to access on the desktop or mobile device.

Find out how to develop an EPM framework that aligns all of your business in the same direction toward meeting common objectives. SYSPRO ERP delivers all of the actionable insights you need to succeed in EPM, based on decades of experience working with companies like yours around the world.

Customer Success Story

“The immediate availability of up-to-date information on orders by region, sales volume and other information is significant in management’s ability to make informed decisions.”
—Director, Sales & Marketing, Cranial Technologies
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