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Pinnacle Premix

“Even more than two years later, I am still continually surprised by the depth of SYSPRO ERP capabilities on things that we didn’t consider doing previously.”
– Jeanie Yang – Chief Accountant, Pinnacle Premix

The Company

Pinnacle Premix is a California-based provider of customized premix for animal feed. Pinnacle was originally founded in 2014 to develop an agricultural operation that would eventually support a wide variety of farm-to-market needs, including: farm planting components, gluten and allergen-free grain milling, commercial animal feed, and pet foods. The company was up and running with manufacturing facilities by 2015.

The Business Challenge

How do you recover quickly from selecting the wrong ERP provider when you need to improve operating efficiencies and leverage new market opportunities? Pinnacle Premix ran into this problem shortly after its founding when it selected a small ERP company that simply didn’t have the accounting and production capabilities Pinnacle required to compete successfully. Frustrated by recurring operational and financial control issues, Pinnacle abandoned its original ERP deployment mid-year in 2016, selected SYSPRO ERP instead, and was live on the new SYSPRO solution by January 1, 2017.

The Solution

Pinnacle selected a full suite of SYSPRO’s comprehensive financial modules, inventory, purchase orders, sales, assets register, requirements planning, work in progress, bill of materials, lot traceability, factory documentation, and materials requirements planning, plus various operational technology support components. The Pinnacle team has found the system to be user-friendly and easy to learn.

The Outcome

Pinnacle believes that SYSPRO ERP’s ability to help control production costs and provide needed operational visibility allows the company to be nimble, efficient and grow as market conditions change. Equally important, Pinnacle likes operating with better speed/accuracy in its monthly financial operations reviews and sales ordering processes.