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Engaging User Experience Ebook

How to Improve User Experience in ERP Solutions

The enhanced user experience (UX) built into SYSPRO ERP is designed with one overarching goal: to facilitate and improve engagement. Engagement with your customers, colleagues and collaborators, and engagement with the software itself.

This comprehensive eBook highlights the importance of considering UX in ERP and striving for a system of engagement versus a system of record. Download now to learn how:

  • Engaging UX answers many of today’s business needs
  • Personalized experiences can be obtained without using IT
  • Social media ERP platforms can streamline business processes
  • An easy-to-use interface makes it easier to surface actionable insights
  • And, much more!
Engaging User Experience with SYSPRO ERP ebook cover

“For your investment in ERP software to pay off, you need to speed up your employees’ adoption of new systems. By choosing ERP software that delivers an engaging user experience…you can ensure a more rapid roll-out, reduced resistance to change and immediate adoption”

– Document Excerpt