How to Manage Traceability and Product Recalls For Electronics Manufacturers

A Guide to Trace, Isolate, Eliminate and Mitigate Risk

Don’t let a recall pull the plug on your business.

Nobody ever wants to be faced with a recall situation. However, when one does arise, the ability to locate the source of the fault AND take immediate action, can make a massive difference to the impact on your business.

Navigating the complexity of a recall becomes simpler when you’re able to act quickly.

If you’re an electronics manufacturer and distributor looking for practical ways to implement an effective traceability system and a proper crisis management plan, download the guide:

In this guide we provide more information on:

  • Recall trends and causes
  • Legislative considerations
  • Checklist for implementing a robust traceability system
  • Checklist for planning and for managing recalls
  • ERP checklist

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