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Inventory Management eBook

Inventory is an expensive asset which needs to be carefully managed and controlled. Complex decisions have to be made about how much and which items a company should hold overall and at each stocking location. Additionally, the company needs to know when to replenish, how much and where.
Does this keep you up at night?

Download this Inventory Management eBook and learn about the infinite benefits an ERP System for Inventory Management will bring to your growing business, such as:

  • Support for product traceability
  • Movement and distribution
  • Valuation and costing
  • Planning and forecasting, and more
Inventory Management with ERP ebook cover

“Effective inventory management should be a priority for every manufacturing or distribution business. These businesses need a unified view of inventory, which requires real-time data at each stocking location – in transit, at the finished goods warehouse, on the factory floor, expected components and raw material from suppliers, and outstanding orders from customers. This detailed real-time data is essential for effective customer service and profitable management.”

– Document Excerpt