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Why PartnerUP

Delivering Transformational Value Together

The SYSPRO PartnerUP program is proof of our commitment to simplifying your success. By working hand in glove with partners who share our vision and core values, we create an environment and ecosystem beneficial to your growth and profitability.

“We value the relationship over the transaction.”
– Phil Duff, CEO SYSPRO

Why You Should Invest in a SYSPRO Partnership


Lucrative earnings model and ongoing revenue


An award-
winning product


Experts in manufacturing and distribution


Enabling Industry
4.0 today


Faster ROI for immediate success


One of the highest retention rates in the industry

Why Partner with SYSPRO?

1 Reward the right focus

PartnerUP enables you to earn more by rewarding the right focus to ensure sales success, delivery of exceptional service to customers and by empowering you through education and training.

2 Get enabled

The SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC) is a global cloud-based learning platform that enhances your skills by providing comprehensive training and educational courses.

3 WIN with PartnerUP

PartnerUP is designed with winning in mind, providing you with the resources you need to succeed through: education, proven methodologies, tools and partner management.

4 Access to a global award
winning ERP solution

We have over 40 years of experience and expertise in the manufacturing and distribution sector.

Partner Success Stories

“The SYSPRO PartnerUP program and our Partner Account Manager have exceeded our expectations. Our Partner Account Manager is always available to help us with embracing this new program. Within our first 90 days of implementing the program, we’ve closed our first sale, and we are already in implementation. We are excited about our future partnership with SYSPRO and the potential for many more opportunities with PartnerUP.”

“We have been a SYSPRO Partner for over 15 years but have enjoyed a close relationship with SYSPRO team for the past 30 years. During that time, we have seen the product grow develop and keep pace with the increasing demands of small and medium size businesses. We are excited to see what the new Partner Up program will bring to the SYSPRO community and look forward to continuing the journey.”

– Tony & Felicity Carroll, Owners, Carrolls Business Solutions

“We were looking for an established ERP solution provider with a solid reputation for delivering quality products and services who could help grow in partnership with us, as we look to expand our competitive footprint in Canada. We decided to partner with SYSPRO because we wanted to be in business with a company that has the best possible growth potential.”

– Francis Rondaeu, President, Shift Group

“Having been associated with SYSPRO for over twenty years, first as an financial auditor, user, implementer and since 2011 as a VAR and now SSP, I’ve had the privilege of seeing first-hand how SYSPRO the company and SYSPRO the product has transformed over the years to keep pace with the ever changing dynamic of the ERP landscape. SYSPRO’s current Partner program will ensure that us as SSP’s provide the ERP market with the most qualified and knowledgeable resources ensuring customers get the best return on their ERP investment.”

Partner With an ERP Industry Leader


Analyst Reports

Leading market intelligence firm, IDC, impressed by SYSPRO’s PartnerUp Program

“After a recent briefing on SYSPRO ERP’s new Partner Up program, IDC stated that it was impressed with the many well thought out new initiatives, including industry specialization, a comprehensive partner education portal, multi-tiered earnings/agreement schedules, and more. IDC also believes that the 90-day partner fast track onboarding model – from registration confirmation through training, sales and partner launch – will allow SYSPRO partners to get up and running quickly and profitably.”

– Steve White, IDC Program VP, Channels and Alliances

You and SYSPRO A Winning Partnership