Business Need
CAD Integration, PLM Integration, Nesting Integrations

Company Description
CADTALK is the world’s first and only software leveraging artificial intelligence to transform engineering bills of material (eBOM) from virtually any CAD, PDM, or PLM application into manufacturing bills of material (mBOM) and routings inside SYSPRO.


CADTALK transforms the engineering bill of materials (BOM) from virtually any CAD, PDM, or PLM application into manufacturing structures and routings. Additionally, it transforms bill of materials inside SYSPRO in a matter of minutes saving you time and reducing data entry errors. It can even create or update stock codes and inventory records saving users time and effort, so they can focus on what they do best – designing great products.

CADTALK is unlike any other software on the market with powerful and flexible rules to transform the engineering bill of materials into a fully functional routing and bill of materials inside your SYSPRO system. More than just data sync, rules set up the manufacturing structures and routing and bill of materials exactly the way you need them for costing, scheduling, and production.


Company Key Points

  • CADTALK is a team of software engineers and former manufacturing engineers that have extensive CAD, ERP, and manufacturing experience
  • CADTALK is a Certified SYSPRO Development Partner
  • Thousands of users worldwide on 5 continents


Solutions and Benefits

  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Reduces lead time to end customer
  • Increases product and BOM data accuracy



  • Fully integrated real-time solution
  • Manage multiple levels of BOMs simultaneously
  • Map any CAD/PDM/PLM field to any SYSPRO field including custom form fields
  • Configured software rather than custom software
  • Create and update stock codes, structures and routings in SYSPRO directly from CAD/PDM/PLM data
  • Drag/drop and quick data entry with an intuitive graphical interface
  • Compatible with SYSPRO ECC module (Engineering Change Control)
  • Can read all CAD files without the need the CAD software
  • Partnered with all major CAD/PLM vendors