Draycir Ltd

Business Need
Document Distribution, Outbound Document Workflow, AR Automation

Company Description
Spindle Document Distribution provides SYSPRO users with a seamless way to deliver customer & supplier documents by email.


Spindle Document Distribution (SDD) by Draycir tackles the issues around batch emailing of documents and adds all the document distribution features that are missing within SYSPRO. It gives SYSPRO the extra features and flexibility that other ERP systems are not capable of and fits in with the SYSPRO verticals. Draycir provides companies with the ability to attach multiple types of documents such as terms and conditions, certificates of conformity, and enables them all to be automatically archived. Draycir also has a product portfolio that enables the user to have document capture and OCR capabilities.


Company Key Points

  • Draycir is a global channel business that provides award-winning document management and credit control software.
  • With over 18 years of practical solutions, Draycir helps businesses work smarter by reducing costs, improving cash flow and streamlining operational efficiency.
  • Draycir is dedicated to creating products with high levels of usability, supported by excellent resources and on-going development.


Solutions and Benefits

  • Document Automation.
  • Rapid return of investment.
  • Fast to implement.
  • Robust and works with all versions of SYSPRO.
  • One click delivery of all documents.


  • Used by over 15,000 businesses worldwide.
  • One click document delivery and workflow.
  • Works with batch processes within SYSPRO to automate distribution of key reports.
  • Batch emailing of all documents such as Invoices, Statements, Remittances, Credit Notes, Certificates of Conformity, Terms, and Conditions, and more.
  • Email to multiple and separate contacts with one click.
  • Multilingual templates and emails.
  • Automated archiving with customizable folder and file names.
  • Multi bin Printing and collation.
  • Attach multiple documents to any outgoing documents.
  • SDD is hybrid cloud, allows remote users to work whilst not connected to the network.
  • Provides branded document templates.
  • Password protection, used for contracts, wage slips purchase orders, and more.
  • Click to pay with visible Pay Now buttons on any documents and within the email content works with Pay Assist (Transafe).
  • Works with MS SQL reporting services and Crystal reports, MS Word and Excel.
  • Works with multiple email clients platforms.
  • Generate Barcodes and insert onto picking lists and dispatch notes etc.