Business Need
Reporting, Excel Analysis, Budgeting

Company Description
insightsoftware is a financial and operational reporting tool that allows you to access, combine, and easily manipulate live SYSPRO data in Microsoft Excel.


Our partnership with insightsoftware delivers the real-time insights you need for fast, informed business decisions.  No one should be guessing when it comes to their financial data and we make it easy for you to automate and accelerate financial reporting, budgeting, planning, and visual analysis of your data.

insightsoftware solutions, Spreadsheet Server and Bizview, automate a repetitive manual process freeing up time for time for more valuable analysis.  Report users with real-time reporting and visibility can drill into the detail for valuable insight to support better business decisions.


Company Key Points

  • Global presence and 24/7 support with 11 offices around the world
  • Live connections to 150+ ERPs/data sources, including SYSPRO
  • #1 provider of financial reporting solutions with 25,000+ customers and over 94% customer retention


Solutions and Benefits

  • Shorten reporting cycles by automatically combining plan and live actuals in one Excel report. Use pre-built Excel functions to easily add live actuals from your ERP alongside budget models and budget versions. Accelerate time-critical processes (e.g., at period end, during your budget cycle) by eliminating time-consuming, error-prone data dumps. Use the time saved to create more budget versions and to analyze variances more frequently to improve budget and forecast accuracy.
  • Speed up variance analysis with integrated drill down to granular ERP data. Drill through balances into live ERP journals and subledger transactions. This saves time by eliminating the need to jump back and forth between your report and your ERP system (e.g., during monthly expense reconciliations), enabling you to focus on more frequent reforecasting to increase the accuracy of your plans and help drive better business outcomes.
  • Gain deeper visibility into planning processes with easy access to data from any ERP module. Create reports that automatically track financial and operational plans, without relying on IT. As you extend planning to other areas of your business, this ensures you have immediate access to all the actuals data you need to reforecast more frequently and more accurately, and to gain a deeper understanding of the end-to-end process (e.g., did we hire enough people on time as required by our workforce plan?).