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Cadacus, Inc.

Cadacus, Inc.

Since 1991, Cadacus has provided EDI, Shipping, Warehouse Management, Advanced Order Management, and more seamlessly integrated solutions to drive efficiencies for hundreds of SYSPRO users worldwide.

Solution Benefits

Cadacus is the only solutions provider to handle document, order, and inventory management from the time the customer places a purchase order through the order going out the door.

Benefits include:

  • EDI (Electronic Document Interchange) – Fulfills customer and vendor EDI requirements with the quick and accurate processing of purchase orders, invoices, shipping documents, and more.
  • Shipping – Handles all shipping needs, from customer labeling requirements to direct interfaces with leading carriers.
  • Handheld Warehouse Management (WMS) – Takes SYSPRO to where the action is in the warehouse. Eliminates the paperwork and delay in information updates to SYSPRO. Takes full advantage of barcoding and license plating.
  • Advanced Order Management – Provides an informative view into outstanding orders, assists with allocating inventory, and tracks the orders from inception through shipping.


Cadacus’ seamless solutions are fully integrated into the SYSPRO environment with the same look and feel users are familiar with.

Business Need

EDI, Handheld, Scanning


  • Partnered with SYSPRO since 1991
  • Cadacus helps drive efficiencies for hundreds of SYSPRO users worldwide