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insightsoftware (formerly BizNet Software) is the maker of BizInsight, a state-of-the-art reporting solution designed to make the process of building and consuming financial and operational reports easier, more accurate, and much less time-consuming.

Delivered in a drag-and-drop interface within Microsoft Excel, BizInsight allows users to manipulate their data with built-in query functions, simple lookups and manageable calculations, so that users get the answers they need without encountering the usual challenges of gathering and updating the data.

Solution Benefits

  • Real-time data connection to SYSPRO and automatic report refresh for the most updated data
  • Explore and analyze your data and build reports in minutes
  • Uncover insights to make informed business decisions
  • Discover trends and opportunities within your business data


Ideal for those managing reporting in the manufacturing, distribution, and financial industries, BizInsight takes your data from various databases and converges it into an interactive report with drill-down capabilities, simple queries, automatic updates, instant alerts, and much more.

Rather than export multiple versions and send multiple emails, BizBroadcast allows you to set permissions and distribution personalization with ease. Password protect highly sensitive information and setup simple logic for sending various worksheets to the appropriate departments.

Business Need

Reporting, Excel analysis, Budgeting


  • Global presence and 24/7 support with 11 offices around the world
  • Live connections to 150+ ERPs/data sources, including SYSPRO
  • #1 provider of financial reporting solutions with 25,000+ customers and over 94% customer retention