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Manipulation of SYSPRO data is a constant requirement. Specific SYSPRO master fields must be periodically restructured due to business growth or new strategies.  These procedures will update the associated master files along with any occurrence of that master field throughout the transaction and history tables.

Solution Benefits

The following conversion procedures are available in the MAN product:

  • General Ledger code – GLAM
  • Stock Code – SCAM
  • Customer Code – ARAM
  • Supplier Code – APAM
  • Product Class – PCAM
  • Product Class based on Stock Code – SPAM
  • Warehouse Code – WHAM


This conversion process is based on a user-defined cross-reference which may be imported from “comma-separated files” (CSV) created using tools such as Microsoft® Excel®. Where necessary, these conversion procedures will merge data where many-to-one relationships exist handling aspects such as recalculating costs when merging Stock Codes. Updating the master fields descriptions throughout SYSPRO is accommodated by this process.

Business Need

Data Manipulation, Data Conversions


  • Runs from within SYSPRO and does not require purchase of any additional software
  • Available for all SYSPRO versions and platforms
  • Over 200 satisfied MAN customers
  • Used globally in all SYSPRO territories
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Caters for merging of Master Codes
  • Code and description cross reference import facility
  • Handles shared General Ledger and Inventory
  • Updates Master Codes throughout entire product