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Accelerate decision-making and gain control over your inventory with a POS system fully integrated with your ERP.

Connect a Robust POS Solution to ERP for More Control

Secure, customer-friendly point of sale software helps you see the big picture

What is a point of sale system? Point of sale, or POS, is the solution that enables you to transact directly with customers in-store, over the counter.

For manufacturers who generate sales from the shop floor, a storefront, or both, point of sale systems give your customers more convenience. For example, an auto parts manufacturer could expand sales options to enable customers to purchase parts on a cash and carry basis, either onsite at the factory or at a separate storefront.

Leverage the complementary solutions of POS and ERP together to propel your business forward.

CRM for SYSPRO has a wide range of functions that cater to after-sales service processes. These include:


Transact whether or not you’re connected. Take orders live, or when a connection isn’t available. Either way, SYSPRO POS will keep the data synced up—so you never miss the chance to enter an order.


Comprehensive end-of-day functionality means secure, frictionless reconciliation—no additional journals required.


Oversee transactions at every level with comprehensive permission security—including role-based access, supervisor overrides and much more.

Know the Story Behind Every Sale

Manufacturing and distribution are fast-paced and competitive. Software that enables new revenue streams can make the difference between attracting or losing a new customer, and point of sale can help expand revenue.

Many organizations could improve operations by offering point of sale transactions. Our integrated POS gives you a competitive advantage because SYPRO POS is:

View, manage, and automate ERP data, business info, store operations, inventory optimization, and merchandising.

SYSPRO’s web-based POS software gives you everything you need for in-store requirements, tender processing and stock control.

Sell direct to customers easily and securely, with options for all common manufacturing and distribution POS scenarios.

Our integrated suite of tools includes security features that add a layer of control to your supply chain, helping you prevent system manipulation and fraud.

Nurture relationships with valued customers who are looking for a new shopping option.

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Sell directly with confidence

Sell directly to customers with immediate stock allocation. More than just a replacement for a cash register, SYSPRO Point of Sale is tightly integrated with SYSPRO ERP.


Intuitive POS interface

With full touch and mouse input, SYSPRO POS is designed for over-the-counter, cash and carry environments.


Advanced POS options

Operators and supervisors will appreciate the ability to accommodate sophisticated transaction functions like stock search, split payments and freight and service charges.


Operator flexibility

Operators can easily switch between registers, because end of day cash-ups are connected to the operator, not the specific till.

Always-on reliability

SYSPRO POS includes complete offline trading functionality for customer-facing transactions. In other words, your POS will keep working without interruption—even if the network or main server goes down.


Audit trails and reporting

When you want to know the details, they’re easily accessible from comprehensive sales audit trails. Sales audit trails are integrated with Supply Chain Transfer (SCT) and Goods in Transit (GIT) capabilities.

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  • See and manage it all: ERP and business info, store operations, warranties, returns, inventory, merchandising, and more
  • Always-on functionality means your POS system keeps working even if your network or server goes down
  • Integrating POS with your ERP optimizes efficiency by helping automate production processes

Sell Direct, the Right Way

  • Nurture relationships with loyal customers by offering them a unique shopping experience
  • Improve business agility by using a POS solution that’s deeply integrated with your ERP
  • Web-based and scalable, SYSPRO POS delivers on your in-store requirements, including tender processing and stock control

Access Control and Accountability

  • SYSPRO POS leverages a next-level, integrated suite of robust security tools and features
  • Supervisor overrides, access-per-user control, and limited stock-take functionality are just a few examples of the deep security controls built-in to SYSPRO POS
  • Admins have control over myriad aspects of Supply Chain Transfer—preventing system manipulation and reducing fraud

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