Webinar: Manufacturing ERP + CRM Nurturing Lifelong Customers

Webinar: Manufacturing ERP + CRM Nurturing a Lifelong Journey

Manufacturing ERP + CRM: Nurturing a Lifelong Journey

In this time of digital transformation, diving into data at a scientific level is now a must for every type of organization, and without a connected CRM and ERP system you won’t have the data integrity and level of detail necessary to predict and control outcomes with your customer.  A CRM + ERP built for manufacturing is the critical foundation for nurturing a life-long customer journey.

In this on-demand webinar, SYSPRO CRM Product Manager, Brian Mansfield, SYSPRO Chief Marketing Officer, Dawna Olsen, and Ultra Consultants’ Director – Center of Excellence, Andrew Bolivar, highlight how manufacturing CRM allows businesses to optimize practices, boost customer relationships, and fuel sales and marketing efforts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why customer experience excellence from acquisition to after-sales service will make or break your competitive advantage
  • What components drive an effective manufacturing CRM system
  • A demonstration of highly-customizable CRM features
  • Why CRM is critical to having a solid digital approach and B2B/B2C e-commerce strategy
  • Learn from some of today’s leading manufacturers finding success with CRM and ERP integration

Webinar Presenters


Andrew Bolivar

Director, Center of Excellence, Ultra Consultants

Brian Mansfield

CRM Product Manager, SYSPRO USA

Dawna Olsen

Chief Marketing Officer, SYSPRO USA