Why Point of Sale for Manufacturing and Distribution?

What Is Manufacturing and Distribution Point of Sale?

As industry leaders in ERP for manufacturing and distribution, we’re often asked, ”What is point of sale software for manufacturing and distribution?”

Point of sale, or POS, is the system that empowers you to transact directly with customers over the counter, whether that’s at your manufacturing or distribution site or at a separate retail location. It needs to be powerful, flexible, and most of all, accurate. You can use manufacturing and distribution POS software to manage transactions, returns, overrides, discounts, inventory inquiries, quotes, and more.

Many options are solely focused on retail. They weren’t designed with manufacturers and distributors in mind, and don’t integrate with ERP systems the way SYSPRO POS integrates with SYSPRO ERP.

When Point of Sale is integrated with ERP, efficiency increases. Manufacturers and distributors can serve more customers with faster processes, confident they’re working with one source of data across all transactions.

What Makes Point of Sale for Manufacturing and Distribution Unique?

You rely on accurate, up-to-the-moment information about your production lines and inventory. ERP integration is how you achieve data accuracy.

When point of sale is integrated with your ERP, you can be confident that as you sell over the counter, inventory is immediately adjusted in back-end systems of record—so nobody gets bogged down with cumbersome end-of-day reconciliations that don’t always jibe.

With a manufacturing and distribution POS that’s integrated with your ERP, you can access one reliable source of truth, all the way from the factory floor to your storefront register. That’s what makes SYSPRO POS a game-changer for manufacturers and distributors: it was built with you in mind.

3 Must-Haves of a Manufacturing and Distribution POS System

Point of sale solutions often share basic components, like end of day cash-out functionality.
When considering a manufacturing and distribution POS, make sure it includes:

“Always-on” functionality, so if your network connection is interrupted, data stays intact and precise

ERP integration, so your inventory and sales processes are automated and reliable throughout the business

Leading security protections built in from the start, so transactions stay secure, customers stay confident and your business stays compliant

6 Benefits for Manufacturers and Distributors Implementing a POS System


Customer Satisfaction

The option to buy directly greatly expands customer options. (Customers like options.)


ERP Integration

When your POS is integrated with ERP, you save time and money throughout the sales cycle.


Audit Trails

Robust audit trails include everything from petty cash management to supply chain transfers and goods in transit integration.


Pricing Flexibility

Promotions and discounts can be applied with precise control, including by value, by percentage, off-invoice, accrual, and free goods.


Role-Based Access

Access can be carefully controlled based on role-specific tasks, including teller-based cash-ups and supervisor overrides—helping prevent system manipulation and fraud.


Integrated POS and ERP

You can leverage accurate, up-to-the-moment information when POS is integrated with ERP and supports inventory control functionality, making it easy to look up inventory between branches.

6 Benefits for Manufacturers and Distributors Implementing a POS System

Learn why SYSPRO Point of Sale is the best choice for manufacturers and distributors, how to get the most out of SYSPRO POS, and more.

SYSPRO POS Has the Functionality You Need

SYSPRO Point of Sale was built with the functionality manufacturers and distributors need most. Read our brochure to learn more.