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Lot Traceability

Lot Traceability

Reduce the Cost of Lot Tracking with SYSPRO ERP

If you work in a highly regulated industry making or distributing safety or health products, your business demands lot traceability. Compliance with traceability rules means you need to be equipped to respond at lightning speed to any defect or hazard, down to the level of each individual part or ingredient.

With SYSPRO Lot Traceability, users can track materials from vendor receipt through delivery of the product to the customer, as well as all levels in between. Users can identify which materials require lot tracking and the stages of production where information needs to be recorded throughout the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Traceability and Compliance

$14 Billion

The amount the food traceability market size is expected to exceed by 2022

Source: marketwatch.com, 2018

  • SYSPRO ERP includes a powerful query engine that enables you to quickly find and view current and archived lot data from a number of different areas of the business. Filter data based on customers, suppliers or jobs – or search upward and downward by stock code, lot/serial number or transaction type. This enables you to isolate and respond quickly to quality issues or product recalls.
  • If you sell perishables, SYSPRO enables you to manage product expiration dates on the shelf, as well as storage and transport compatibility codes. You can also include expiry dates in materials requirements planning calculations to reduce waste. This is key for compliance with food safety rules.
  • Purchased goods inspection enables you to control the quality of delivered raw materials, while the work-in-progress inspection facilities enable quality validation and grading of manufactured products. SYSPRO ERP also enables you to associate documentation to lots with applicable certifications, specifications and quality records. With barcoding and serial number capabilities, you can also manage more carefully.
  • SYSPRO ERP provides robust reporting on supplier performance along cost, quality, sustainability and other measures. Features such as approved supplier lists and supplier scorecards make it easier for you to select the best partners.
  • Visibility into costs and profits across the business enables you to identify issues as they occur, including: variations in expected and actual raw material and production costs, late supplier deliveries, obsolete, slow-moving and excessive inventories, and product defects and scrap.
  • Though not required for regulatory compliance, it can be important to track and gain visibility into the actual cost of imported goods through shipment trading. This is important in low-margin products because not knowing these costs can cause you to lose money when selling the product. With landed cost tracking, you can track shipments and estimate total costs more reliably.

Streamline Change Control and Returns with SYSPRO ERP

  • Engineering Change Control (ECC) Make sure you know who changed what along the R&D process with built-in ECC. SYSPRO ERP Software offers user security control and an audit trail can help you mitigate liability in case of product quality issues. In addition, by using e-signatures and creating documentation automatically, you can enforce compliance.
  • Return Merchandise Authorization Make sure product returns don’t get lost in the warehouse. The SYSPRO Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) solution enables you to rapidly process customer returns and the resulting corrective actions such as receipting, exchanges, cross-shipments, repairs, scrap and credits, as well as charges for returns and restocking activities. It’s also linked to engineering change control for quality improvement.

for Manufacturers

The Benefits of Lot Traceability for Manufacturers

  • Tracks the part from receipt of materials into production and through to product delivery and inventory transaction records lot/serial information
  • Track which lot-controlled items were used to produce specific finished products in a manufacturing process
  • History of traceable-item transactions for accountability and customer service follow-up
  • Manual or automatic lot numbering by single products or batch
  • Optional auto-depletion of lots in issue and sale transactions
  • Optional tracking of lots from component to parent
  • Shelf life and expiry date tracking
  • Expiry dates included in materials requirements planning calculations
  • Optional full or sample inspection of lots during purchase order and work order receipts
  • Association of documentation to lots with applicable certifications, specifications, and quality records
  • Bi-directional lot queries and reporting
  • Reject control and documentation
  • Archiving of lot information

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Lot Traceability

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