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As your business evolves into a large or even multinational concern, you may already have an enterprise software platform in place. But does this system just handle your financials, or can it really meet the operational needs of your complex manufacturing or distribution business?

Many large-scale enterprises find their equally large-scale ERP software is just too expensive to maintain, too difficult to use, too inflexible or too hard to customize. Perhaps it lacks key functionality you need to effectively manage design and engineering, inventory, material management, production schedules, compliance, delivery tracking or many other operational functions across the business.

How difficult is it to access the critical product, customer and sales information you need to make strategic decisions? Is your current ERP system actually costing you in lost efficiency?

If you’re frustrated with out-of-date management software, or you’re looking to support new business units, it’s time to consider moving to an affordable, unified enterprise software platform specifically tailored to meet the needs of manufacturers and distributors worldwide.


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Enterprise ERP Software

SYSPRO ERP operates on a single database, with one source of accurate, real-time data. Control all company functions, including finance/accounting, quoting, customer support (CRM), purchasing, manufacturing (shop floor control), inventory management, lot traceability and distribution – all within a single suite. Yet it’s also modular, meaning you only invest in the functionality you need.

SYSPRO ERP software accommodates multinational organizations with hundreds of subsidiaries, and operates in high-volume single server instances, running multiple hundreds of thousands of transactions per month. It has all the functionality you need to operate your large enterprise, as well as modular solutions to support local divisions or regional factories.

Here are just a few of the other ways SYSPRO supports bigger enterprises.


Scalability for High-Volume Businesses

Customers around the world rely on SYSPRO to handle high numbers of sales transactions, SKUs in inventory, production jobs and procurement orders. For example, SYSPRO customer ET Browne Drug Company, which produces skin and hair products in the US, procures raw material and packaging for over 40 million bottles, jars and tubs of product per year.  This includes their most famous brand, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula.


Open Architecture for Easy Integration

Because SYSPRO ERP is built on an open Services Oriented Architecture, and leverages Web services, it’s easy to integrate with your third-party systems to maximize efficiency and support collaboration. You can even synch SYSPRO data with your other enterprise software applications.


Deploy On Premise or Cloud ERP

With SYSPRO ERP, choose from deployment options to suit your business. If you want to keep upfront capital expense investments at a minimum, take a look at our cloud services. Cloud computing also gives you flexibility to scale up or down dynamically. Whatever path you choose, you can be confident that your data is secure.


Support for e-Commerce and Electronic Data Interchange

SYSPRO ERP supports electronic transactions for e-Commerce businesses, and provides tools to support Web-based product collaboration and change control solutions often needed by make-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturers.


Mobile Access Anytime, Anywhere

The SYSPRO Espresso mobile ERP application is ideal for companies that want to increase productivity by giving employees access to data and systems from any location, at any time. For example, operations managers can immediately access order information to make informed decisions about scheduling and materials in real time.


Fast Return on Investment

SYSPRO is committed to fast implementations, so you can realize ROI quickly. SYSPRO’s industry-specific frameworks help you take advantage of best practices from decades of helping companies like yours to succeed.

ERP for Large Enterprise

Once you become a larger enterprise, agility can often be a challenge, hindered by the lack of transparency and visibility. For manufacturers and distributors, this is a critical issue that can affect your ability to operate Lean and profitably.

If you’re lacking the right management tools to see what’s happening and respond quickly to changes in demand, costs and other market conditions, then your current software might be the wrong fit. Learn how an enterprise software from SYSPRO can handle your business complexity and deliver the power you need today and in the future – with a lower total cost of ownership than you might expect.

Customer Success Story

“No longer are we spending a fortune on consultants and IT support just to keep the system running, like we were with Oracle. No longer are we battling our own customizations. What we gained by switching to SYSPRO was freedom to do our business and have a system working for us rather than working to make the system function.”
—IT Systems Analyst, Prudential Lighting
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