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As a distributor of computer and electronic products, globalization touches almost every aspect of your operations, from sales to service to logistics. At the same time, customers are demanding nearly instant delivery – practically anywhere in the world – as well as greater technical support and service. Whether your distribution business carries a large, diverse catalog of products, or you specialize in supporting a select few large customers with unique products, SYSPRO ERP for computer and electronics distributors can help transform your operations. With a 360-degree picture of what’s happening within your business, connecting all divisions, locations and operations, you can keep inventory moving by delivering products to customers faster with fewer errors; reduce labor, energy and other costs; and better manage your business across the value chain.

5 Key Electronics Challenges SYSPRO Can Help You Solve

2 million+

The emphasis on automation within the EMS industry
means that there could be another 2 million
robots sold in the next 24 months.

Source: International Federation of Robotics

  • Many of today’s components are going through multiple supply chains before ever reaching the consumer – full traceability and maintaining compliance with international standards is a necessity.​
  • Supplier quality management is becoming more critical due to the use of the extended global supply chain. The better the quality effectiveness, the lower the warranty reserve the organization holds to offset unforeseen quality problems. The post-production service hours and material costs will also be reduced.
  • Tighter controls are needed more than ever before, requiring specialist quality personnel and a strong partnership with the supplier. This requires a very robust traceability system to reduce time to resolution of any problems.
  • Electronics distributors need to be able to introduce new products and processes quickly and efficiently to deal with economic volatility and variable demand causing fluctuations in production.  This requires better communication between all departments, formalized processes which are tried and tested, and control measures in place to keep inventory aligned with demand.​
  • Manufacturers must consider the complete product lifecycle when making decisions. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to sustainability in the electronics manufacturing industry is e-waste – how to sustainably dispose of products and the impact of this on the environment once they’ve reached the end of their expected life cycle.​
  • Gain 24/7 access to your business with SYSPRO mobile ERP technology.
  • Manage complex pricing such as contract pricing, volume discounts, promotions and rebates.
  • Reduce paperwork with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to automate order processing.
  • Improve efficiency with repeat order customer templates.
  • Maximize sales across your organization with visibility into opportunities, pipeline and customer information with Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Ensure customer satisfaction by effectively controlling the return and exchange of items purchased by customers with visibility and tracking of items until the transaction is concluded.

Simplify Your Operations with SYSPRO Electronics ERP

  • Gain visibility and full lot traceability of goods in transit.
  • Manage traceability and the recall process – Continuous improvement programs enable zero-defect initiatives and compliance, and minimize product recalls.
  • Improve forecast accuracy – Minimize forecast errors by fine-tuning the balance between supply and demand.
  • Deliver products faster and reduce inventory obsolescence.
  • Manage and control the return process – Streamlined, automated processes and actions for authorizing and tracking customer returns, warranty claims and complaints.
  • Improve forecast accuracy, pricing and financial control.

SYSPRO ERP at Your Fingertips

Business-Critical Solutions

Mobile Technology
SYSPRO Espresso is a mobile ERP platform giving you access to all your business data remotely as easily as if you were in your office. SYSPRO Espresso enables you to create applications that will work on any popular device, providing instant and secure access to information about your customers, suppliers, inventory items, contacts and other essential business information.

Rapidly identify, quarantine and retrieve potentially defective goods from customers with SYSPRO Traceability. Industry-built to support your quality and safety systems, SYSPRO ERP offers a full traceability system which enables distributors to track materials from receipt right through to delivery of the product to the customer, as well as at any level in between.

Inventory Forecasting
In forecasting, spreadsheets can meet many basic needs. Still, if your company is ready to move to the next level, you need a forecasting solution that can provide strategic value, increase your visibility into the supply chain management process, and drive your growth. SYSPRO Inventory Forecasting enables you to produce forecasts based on sales history and provides the tools to measure the quality of your projections.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
Module rapidly processes customer returns and the resulting corrective actions such as receipting, exchanges, cross-shipments, repairs, scrap and credits, as well as charges for returns and restocking activities. Action codes, notes and user-configured returns classifications facilitate comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Customer Complaints
This solution encourages customer-centric behavior, driving customer retention. The Customer Complaints capability allows for the capturing, management and effective resolution of customer complaints. It enables the organization to easily review and escalate critical product defects and service issues to prevent their re-occurrence, and is a requirement for all businesses wanting to achieve a formal quality accreditation.

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